The first two HoH competitions on Big Brother 15 were endurance, which means it’s finally time for a mental challenge. And live feed viewers got a sneak preview of what to expect during the very early hours of Thursday.

'Big Brother 15' Spoilers: Week 3 HoH Preview

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

At 2 am a loud alarm went off inside the house and a voice came over the loudspeaker announcing that the backyard was open. The HGs went back to find a set-up for Big Brother Xpress, a luggage carousel with plenty of boxes going around and around with different items and signs on them.

It’s obvious that this will most likely be a part of the HoH competition, with Julie Chen asking questions about the set-up in the backyard.

So now, despite sleeping or focusing on last-minute campaigning, the HGs are all busy studying and going over and over everything they saw. Helen and Elissa have set up a makeshift recreation of the set in the Have-Not room using various items they have.

The studying also lets us get more insight into which alliances are working together and who is going home. As I wrote about earlier, it looks as though McCrae has turned his back on the Moving Company and is going to team up with Candice, Andy, Amanda, Judd, and Jessie to evict Nick on Thursday night.

This was basically confirmed when McCrae warned the other people in this alliance, including Elissa, that they 100 percent cannot trust Howard and Spencer, telling them to make sure Candice and Jessie don’t listen to them at all before the eviction vote.

I don’t believe McCrae has told anyone about the Moving Company quite yet, but unless he’s planning some truly absurd prank, all of his actions and words point to the fact that he has committed himself to keeping Elissa.

The chaos of having to study all night for the HoH competition works to his advantage because now everyone is too distracted to notice that he’s not with the Moving Company anymore.

It’s also going to give a huge benefit to Elissa’s side of the house, not that they need it. Jeremy and Kaitlin hardly seem interested in studying too much while this type of memory challenge certainly plays to the strengths of people like Helen and Andy. However, I would laugh my butt off if Jeremy somehow wins this competition as well, just because it would drive everyone else insane.

It’s certainly an odd time to watch Big Brother 15 because usually, the power shifts each week, but this season, thanks to the MVP, the power is staying on one side, and will most likely continue to do so. If Nick goes home, then, for the second week in a row, Aaryn will lose a strong male ally and she will be totally blindsided, as will Kaitlin and GinaMarie.

It’s almost funny that Aaryn and GinaMarie are the two people who have lost their jobs on the outside, and now they will both lose their men on the inside.

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