After two weeks of withdrawals, Hell’s Kitchen is finally new with the conclusion to the unnecessary three-part sequence of reality episodes.

The final five, dressed to impress in their black jackets, are fast approaching the season finale. Tonight, tensions fly as dinner service somehow takes the competition back, way back to the amateur beginning stages.

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Mary is angry that she’s been in the bottom for four times in a row. Not very much we can say about that, Mary. Cook better?

Gourmet Burger Challenge

Jean-Phillipe has really been working with Chef Ramsay for 14 years? Wow! He has definitely earned the right to judge the burgers cooked by the top five. With only 30 minutes to cook, the black jackets must send their versions of the American staple to a dining room filled with heavyweights of the culinary world.

Burger Breakdown

Susan – “Healthy” Burger

Mary – Short Rib Burger

Jon – Roman Burger

Ja’Nel – Salmon Burger

Cyndi – Ragu Beef Burger

Worst Burger:  Susan

Winner: Jon

As the winner, Jon will enjoy a spa day along with a contestant of his choosing. Since Ja’Nel has been on every winning team, basically, he picks Cyndi. The losers will have to clean the ENTIRE dining room before service.

Dinner Service

With surprise diner Antonio Sabato, Jr. making an appearance at the chef’s table, the black jackets are quickly put to work. Ja’Nel starts things off shakily, after bossing the ladies around as the clean-up commander, with mushy risotto. Then Mary follows in her footsteps with hard, dry sliders. She is a walking dunce in the kitchen.

No one compares to the trainwreck named Susan, though. The appetizers weren’t even completed and she was starting on entrees. Fed up by this point, Ramsay tossed his apron and pen at Susan, walked out and took Chef Andi with him. The black jackets are now alone in the kitchen with Susan at the helm. Scary. Miraculously, by the time Ramsay re-enters the kitchen, they have made it to the final ticket. 

Needless to say, this is one of the worst services of the season. Two nominations must be made for tonight’s elimination.

Mary’s inability to keep it together earns her the first spot. A split decision sends Ja’Nel and Susan to the line along with Mary. 

Eliminated: Susan

No surprise here!

Next week on Hell’s Kitchen, the competition has come down to the wire. Tune in as each of the black jackets take their turn at the pass, showing just how good of a lead chef they can be. Plus, there’s another attempt at sabotage. Will it work?

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