Nine days ago on Big Brother 15, Helen made a deal with Aaryn on behalf of Amanda, McCrae, Andy, Judd, Jessie and Elissa. They would keep her safe and evict Kaitlin, and if Aaryn won HoH, she would nominate Howard and Spencer with the goal of evicting Howard.

A lot of things have happened and changed since then, but not that end result. When I pronounced certitude of Howard’s inevitable eviction after Aaryn’s HoH win, and after the Power of Veto competition, some Big Brother 15 fans scoffed at me for jumping to conclusions, saying it wasn’t that predictable. Tonight I suspect I’ll be owed an apology.

BUT FIRST…this is my Big Brother 15 live blog!

Before we begin, there are rumors swirling that there could be some interesting developments with Aaryn and her comments. The live feeds were cut about seven hours before the start of the live show, so we’ll have to see if things have taken a major unexpected turn.

Julie Chen pretends that there’s “No telling who’s going home this week.” She deserves an Emmy nomination just for acting like there’s any mystery surrounding this eviction vote. She then adds that we’re nearly halfway through the game. Um, only four people have gone home from a cast of 16. She and I have different definitions of “half.”

Spencer’s Failed Plan

Candice wastes no time calling Aaryn a “redneck.” Amanda insists that everyone knows Howard is shady and can’t be trusted. Yeah, because Amanda has been saying it for three weeks.

Candice points out that Aaryn put two black people on the block, and Howard urges her not to be ugly like that. He is very optimistic, unrealistically so.

Spencer wants to get five people to send Amanda home, so he eyes GinaMarie, Andy, Judd and Jessie. GM acts like she’d be up for it. Andy gives him “Yeah, yeah, yeah” lip service, which means he isn’t on board at all. Spencer then tells Candice that he’s working hard to rally the votes to save her and Howard.

Andy tells Amanda that he and Judd made a fake deal with Howard and Spencer to flip the house to get Amanda out, but it’s just a lie and she doesn’t need to worry.

Amanda then goes crazy and tells Spencer that she knows he’s working to get her out. How is this NOT the exact same thing Amanda yelled as Elissa for doing last week? Amanda is puffing out her chest by showing us what a real threat looks like, telling Spencer that he’s dead in this game if he goes against her. He doesn’t give a crap. Spencer is AMAZING in this scene and then tells Amanda to shut up because he’s calling her out. She, of course, calls Spencer a bully for daring to tell her to shut up.

Helen runs inside to tell Candice that Spencer is outside throwing Candice under the bus to Amanda. This is all a master plan to turn Candice and Spencer against each other, and Candice is too stupid to realize she’s being played.

Keeping It “Real” with Candi

Candice calls a house meeting to call Spencer out for targeting her. Ugh. This is SOOOOOOO stupid. Of course Spencer didn’t tell Amanda to her face that he’s trying to get her out. Candice is basically blowing up Spencer’s plan for no reason whatsoever. How can Candice be so good at sniffing out the boys’ alliance and so bad at lying and paying the game?

Jessie is dumb enough to think what Candice just did is a good game move and rallies with Aaryn and GinaMarie to get rid of Candice instead of Howard. Sigh. This week is really showing who’s playing strategically and who’s playing personally. Aaryn, GM, Jessie, Candice and Elissa don’t have a strategic bone in their bodies, but everyone else does.

Julie and the HGs

Julie tells the HGs some baby news. Britney Haynes had a baby girl named Tilly (rhymes with silly). She tells them about the Kimye baby being named North West. Everyone laughs about how dumb that is. Then she tells them about the little prince, the royal baby.

What does Jessie miss the most from the outside world? Her dog. Judd gives the correct answer, friends and family.

Welcome to Judd-ville

We see the HGs all talking about how Judd might be the MVP because he’s a really good liar from a small town. They think he’s a secret genius.

So we head to Judd’s backwoods small town to see that he really is as much of a hick as he seems. Did I accidentally change the channel to Duck Dynasty? I guess since Howard is going home the producers know that they need to create a new hero for the season, so obviously it’s Judd.

The Eviction

Amanda says she’s not ready to go yet and is “grateful” to be there with McCrae, with whom she’s planning a Jewish wedding. Candice sends love to both her moms (she’s adopted, they’re not lesbians, FYI). She tears up a bit talking about Howard. Howard thanks God and says he loves all of this HGs and urges people to vote their conscience and not be pressured into doing something.

Helen votes to evict…Howard (sadly because he’s her dear friend)
Elissa votes to evict…Howard (also sadly)
Spencer votes to evict…Candice (his “bestie boo”)
McCrae votes to evict…Howard
Andy votes to evict…Howard
Judd votes to evict…Howard
GinaMarie votes to evict…Howard
Jessie votes to evict…Howard (sadly again)

Howard is evicted 7-1-0!

It says a lot about this season that the last two weeks have seen three people voting “sadly.” People are scared and are just going with the house instead of daring to make big moves and take out far more dangerous targets.

Howard thinks he probably went out because he wouldn’t go along with the power, aka Helen, Amanda and McCrae. Julie asks Howard why he lied to Helen about the Moving Company back in week 3, and he says he was just loyal to his then-dead alliance.

Then Julie gets to the racist comments. He says it was hard to hold his tongue. Julie pushes him on why he didn’t speak out against it, and he says he has a temper and didn’t want it to come out. When he speaks, he gets an “Amen” from the audience.

Goodbye Messages: Amanda is nasty and vindictive about how she’s wanted to get him out for weeks because he’s manipulative. Pot, meet kettle. Helen says any woman would be lucky to marry him and hopes he doesn’t hold anything against her in the real world.

Julie then tells Howard that America was the MVP for the past two weeks, and now we are the MVP again. Ugh, can we please end this crap already? I just want to see the moment where Julie tells the HGs that America was the MVP to see Amanda’s reaction. She probably thinks she’s awesome and everyone loves her.

The HoH Competition

It’s another endurance battle. The HGs are on a barrel and must hold onto a bull. Obviously the barrels are spinning to make it more difficult. Elissa almost falls right away, but hangs on for dear life and saves herself.

Julie then makes everyone happy by saying there are no Have-Nots this week.

She adds that the first three HGs to drop get to open a box, one of which contains $5,000.

See Who Wins the Week 6 HoH>>

Julie then tells us some great news. Next Thursday is a DOUBLE EVICTION! The audience cheers. Awesome, that probably means no more MVP twist (cuz you can’t do that in a live double eviction) and we’ll get down to the jury.

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