The ALDC has their work cut out for them when the dreaded Candy Apples solicit an additional male dancer to add to their competition team. The strange thing is, no one has any idea where this secret weapon has come from. If you ask me, I don’t think it should be allowed for a coach to bring in some random dancer from who knows where and add them to the team just for one competition.

With this new dancer, Cathy has her perfect male duet all put together in hopes of beating Abby’s combo of Kendall and MacKenzie. The two company’s rivalry is at an all-time high when Cathy finds out her old Apple Jill has run back to Abby, and she will stop at nothing to beat them this time around. Will the boys beat Abby’s girls this week? Or will the ALDC pull off another clean sweep at the Starbound competition? Let’s jump right into tonight’s episode and find out!

Bringing Out the Big Guns

Not only has Cathy brought in a new male dancer, but she’s also brought back her outside choreographers to give her team a fresh new dance. Now, if you can remember a few weeks back, the last time these guys came in the Apples lost to the ALDC. So I have to wonder why Cathy thought it would be in her teams’ best interest to bring them back, but obviously it shows her inability as a coach to properly choreograph a winning routine.

I never really liked Cathy to begin with, but I swear she gets worse every time we see her.

After a bunch of smack talk and bragging later, low and behold the Apples lose once again to Abby and her team. And so does her oh-so-fabulous male duet. Ha. Oh yeah, and in regards to the little spat that Melissa and Cathy have, Vivi IS a human prop. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her actually dance, and I would LOVE to see her up against MacKenzie in an 8-year-old face off!

Melissa vs. the Moms

Apparently the other Dance Moms see something that I must not be seeing in Melissa, because I really don’t get why they attack her all the time. Yes, Maddie is a clear favorite of Abby’s, but how is that Melissa’s fault? For the most part, she’s fairly reserved at lessons, and I don’t think she deserves all of the heat that the other moms are giving her. So she sucks up to Abby sometimes, so what? It can’t hurt the other moms to be a little nicer.

Christi really adds fuel to the fire when after arguing about Maddie she accuses Melissa of having an affair with her boss. As usual, this has nothing to do with dance but rather is an attack on her personal life. I think the other moms need to mind their own businesses and keep their complaints to strictly about dance. Good for Melissa for sticking up for her daughter and not letting her do a solo at the last minute.

I don’t care what Abby says, there is no way that Maddie should have had that pressure put on her. And Melissa is right, if she would have let Maddie do a solo at the last minute, the other moms would have gone completely ballistic. Hopefully next week they will direct their aggression towards someone else.

Next week the ALDC is putting on their annual dance program, and Peyton comes back into the picture. Clearly this can only mean trouble between the moms, and I can’t wait to see what kind of drama it will stir up.

What do you think of tonight’s Dance Moms episode? Should Maddie have just sucked it up and done a solo, or are you glad she took a week off? Leave your comments and come back next week for your Dance Moms drama!

Kathryn MacDougall
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Kathryn MacDougall

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