As usual, there are rumors creeping about the fortress that is CBS’ Big Brother.  After the story released by the media regarding the state of the eleventh season’s house, a couple of other tales have surfaced.  One mentions the day the houseguests will be introduced to their soon-to-be prison, and the other is about the supposed twist of the show.  Read on below to find out what the upcoming installment of the hit reality series could bring.

'Big Brother' 11 To Really Clique?

According to an insider from RealityBBQ, the dates are getting closer than we all think.  The series is set to premiere another season on July 9, but of course, its contestants need to familiarize themselves with the place first.

The source, using the pseudonym “CornerOffice,” has revealed that: “The House Guests enter the house on July 5th.”  It’s not really much of a spoiler for Big Brother 11 though.  A fan’s interest would be even more piqued if every bit of information was about the identities of the house guests.  Regarding that, there might be a clue in the second portion of the rumor.

CornerOffice went on to point out the possible twist that Big Brother 11 will be having.  “As far as the twist, I’ll ask you a question.  What clique were you part of in High School?”

Very intriguing.  There are already those expecting a Freaks and Geeks style to this season, but there was hardly a variety of cliques there.  If the rumor is indeed true, it’s likely that Big Brother 11 would be more similar to High School Musical or even Mean Girls.

Knowing that, could it be that the houseguests will be divided into groups?  There’s the possibility that challenges would revolve around that theme, too.  This whole idea actually raises doubt regarding the rumor that Big Brother 11 would be going for a more environment-friendly direction.  It was executive producer Allison Grodner who revealed that, and her word is far more reliable.

Then again, there’s always the chance that they’d combine the jock-vs.-nerds twist with the house going green.  Again, we can only wait.  All these rumors will finally be put to rest when Big Brother 11 airs on July 9.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: RealityBBQ, Big Brother Network
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Maria Gonzalez

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