The first player of Big Brother to emerge victorious by unanimous vote, Dan Gheesling is someone who managed to make reality TV history.  Now that he’s already accomplished that much, he’s hoping the next winners of the show would do the same.

“I’ve been doing great,” he said on an interview with TV Grapevine.  “I enjoyed the whole experience even after the show.”  Dan talked about how he’s been since his Big Brother break, as he’s working on his profession as a teacher and even helping out some charities.

Known for the strategy he took in playing the game, Dan believed that it was all in the mind.  He knew that he had to push himself forward by sticking it out and putting up with whatever was thrown at him.

“I really tried to never complain in the house, really, it was really a blessing to be there, and a privilege.  If you treat it like that, if you mentally treat it like that, you’re not gonna get as bored.”

Dan also said that being too emotional in Big Brother is going to be a hindrance to being triumphant in the contest.  He’s looking forward to seeing who’ll end up standing out in the next season, and how well they’re going to play the game.

“I’m gonna try to watch,” Dan said, later asking when the premiere of the eleventh season is.  “I’ll definitely try to catch it as much as I can.  Being a huge fan of the show, even before I got to go on the house, of course I’m gonna try to watch.”

“When I get a chance to watch, it’ll be funnier to watch because I know all the crazy things people are going through especially mentally,” the winner went on.  “It’s going to be fun to watch someone else go through it.”

Asked about what he thought was the sure-fire way to get past elimination, Dan said his methods involved manipulating his appearance in the competition.  According to him, it’s better to keep a low profile.

“It’s funny how the people that come out the strongest in the first couple of weeks, they’re not gonna win,” he admitted.  “That’s what I might look for in this season in trying to pick who’s going to win it.”

“The game is all about perception and how you can make people look at you,” he said.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: TV Grapevine
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Maria Gonzalez

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