Last week on The Fashion Show, Lidia was sent home after experiencing the James-Paul curse. Reco and Daniella hate one another. Still. Haven and Anna had the winning design.

This week on The Fashion Show, Reco talks about tolerating Daniella while Haven brags about her win. The Harpar’s Bazaar mini challenge will test the designer’s knowledge of seven legendary designers. Anna knows that Coco Chanel invented the little black dress. Merlin knows “Fashion fades, style is eternal” was said by Yves Saint Laurent. Haven is the first to be eliminated. Reco is the next person eliminated. Laura Brown is awkwardly standing around with her person. She’s being so weird today. Daniella and James-Paul leave just Merlin and Anna in the competition. Anna wins the competition, which makes sense because she’s a teacher. Laura awkwardly leaves as Kelly Rowland awkwardly announces her win officially.

Isaac Mizrahi and Kelly Rowland announce that this week’s challenge is to create an homage to one of the seven famous fashion greats. Isaac tells them not to insult the fashion icons by doing cheap knock offs. Anna picks Coco Chanel. Haven gets Yves Saint Laurent. Versace goes to Johnny R. Madam Gres goes to Merlin. He does not know who she is. Emilio Pucci goes to James-Paul. Reco gets Halston. Of course she picked that designer for Reco because he doesn’t know anything about Halston. He then makes some comment about how Anna took care of her friends and tried to salt a pimp’s game.

The designers have a $230 budget. Haven, Anna and Johnny R. seem to be working with one another and giving a lot of extra help. Merlin then tells James-Paul and Reco that the girls are conspiring to get them eliminated. That seems stupid. James-Paul then tries to help Merlin out by telling him a bit about Madam Gres. No one informs Reco about Halston. Haven tells Daniella that Dior doesn’t do pants. Anna tells her to go with her instincts.  Reco’s model asks if his inspiration was “medieval” and he gets offended.

Kelly Rowland and Isaac Mizrahi come in to check up on the designers. They make fun of Johnny R. for trying to be eco-friendly. Isaac points out that the corset is a bad decision but he decides to ignore the suggestion. Haven has a freak out. Kelly Rowland asks if she’s second-guessing herself and it sounds like the first unscripted Kelly line of the season. Isaac doesn’t like Anna’s interpretation of Chanel. Merlin and Reco think Anna’s jacket looks old. You would not find that on TRESemmé’s Style Seeker.

30 minutes to fashion show and everyone seems to be freaking out. The models are already in the TRESemmé salon waiting for them as Daniella reconsiders her whole look. Too late Daniella. Reco thinks Anna’s plan will backfire in her face. The judges wait for the fashion show and there’s some stock footage of them laughing. As if they get along. Haven has a crisis with her zipper so she decides to untuck the shirt. Merlin thinks Anna should win. Isaac points out that Reco’s dress isn’t very Halston. Then he points out that Johnny R.’s design might be too Versace. The audience seemed to like all the designers, so no help there.

Peter Som is this week’s guest judge. The top two looks are Daniella’s and Anna’s designs. Oh wait, and Johnny R.’s design. Kelly Rowland gives herself props when talking about Johnny R.’s Versace design. 84% of the audience thought Anna’s design was well made. The judges point out that Anna’s jacket wasn’t very Chanel. Peter Som tells Daniella that she made the right decision by using pants. Isaac Mizrahi tells Daniella that she’s lazy for not liking color. Finally, they announce that Johnny R. won.

Haven and Reco’s designs were the bottom two. 90% of the audience said they wouldn’t by Reco’s dress. Peter Som calls the dress a village wench dress. Reco starts crying when they ask him what he’d do differently. Fern Mallis has to explain that Halston was the perfect minimalist. Reco then explains that he’s been trying for seven years and he wants to be there a lot. Kelly Rowland says that Haven’s look was boring. They tear Haven apart for totally messing up Yves Saint Laurent by picking brown wool. Isaac Mizrahi tells them that he’s disappointed in the both of them. Reco cries on Haven’s shoulder as the judges leave.

Kelly Rowland speaks up and says she wishes they both could stay but we know they can’t. Is it worse to know and do poorly or to not know at all. But wait, we need to have a TRESemmé commercial first. The suspense! Haven is sent home. Reco cries while saying goodbye to her. She leaves so classy-like. She kisses everyone goodbye. Isaac doesn’t say his standard line and instead tells her good luck. Haven just says she feels so lucky to have the opportunity to have Isaac Mizrahi give her feedback on her designs.

Next week, the designers go to “the hood.”

– Kim Wetter, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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