Big Brother, nearing the end, is on the verge of a victorious alliance.  One could already make the argument that an alliance has already won.  Keesha, Dan, Memphis and Renny have worked as a fearsome foursome for some time, and have more or less come out victorious.  I’d like to say that it was a surprise, and that tons of luck was involved, but I’m not convinced that’s the case.  Those were, arguably, the four best players in the game on Big Brother 10, and they deserve the success they’ve attained.  Soon, the alliance will have to start to eat their own, and that’s what I am looking forward to.  I’ll be here throughout tonight’s episode, dropping thought bombs on an unsuspecting public.  Feel free to read along and (possibly) find ultimate contentment.

Poor Renny.  We’ll miss you, you saucy old minx.

Ech.  Memphis is sporting the type of faux-hawk only a Mixologist would wear.  On the bright side, Keesha is flaunting some excellent cleavage tonight.  Many thanks, Wing Dispenser. 

Keesha is upset that she’s up on the block versus her best friend in the house, Renny.  Jerry is also upset that he was betrayed by Renny.  Dan, clearly, is happy with what went down.  Memphis is waiting for Jerry to blow up at him.

Jerry and Keesha speak in the HoH room.  Jerry says that he’s Keesha’s chance at a half million.  He wants Keesha to team up with him and help get Memphis gone.

Jerry tells Dan that the reason Memphis is keeping him around is because Memphis thinks he can beat Dan in the final two.  Jerry spouts off a bunch of random crap to Dan while drinking a Bud Light. 

Memphis is worried about Keesha – he doesn’t want her to believe what Jerry is spouting. 

Renny and Keesha have a teary eyed discussion while drinking wine.  Awww!  This isn’t as cringe-inducing as it could have been.  It feels fairly heartfelt, and not BS.  

We meet Ashley, Memphis’s girlfriend.  She seems cool.  Memphis used to really cocky and arrogant, and now he’s a little better.  He had some crappy childhood things, and he’s done his best to get over those things.  He and Ashley have been together for three years. 

Julie shows the houseguests the video of Jerry falling into the pool.  Everyone enjoys it very much. 

Later, we’re checking in with the jury house.

Let’s talk with Jerry in the HoH room.  Jerry says he tried to make deals with everyone. 

Two weeks ago – Jury House.  LIbra is happy to see April walk in the door.  One week later, Michelle walks into the house and proclaims, “Guess who got back-doored?”  Oooookay.  Michelle and April talk so much crap about Keesha – it’s freaking unbelievable.  April is the biggest bitch ever.  Sorry if you like her, because you shouldn’t. 

They watch Dan’s sweet speech.  Next, Ollie walks into the jury house.  This makes April happy and sad.  She says that yes, she will be Ollie’s boyfriend. 

Julie Chen looks like she’s going on a safari….in an adult film.

Renny and Keesha give their speeches.  Renny talks about Keesha and her friendship, and gives a fighting speech.  Keesha, seriously, spectacular cleavage.  She gives a kind, gracious little speech.  Time for the vote. 

Memphis votes to evict Renny.

Dan votes to evict Renny. 


Renny talks to Julie, watches the goodbye videos from her houseguests.  Everyone has very nice things to say about Renny.  Keesha cries when she says goodbye. 

Julie addresses the houseguests.  Earlier today, the players were shown images from various competitions.  They are shown those images one more time.  Now, the players head to the backyard for the HoH challenge.

HoH time.  Dan vs. Memphis vs. Keesha.  It’s called “Freeze Frame.”  The players all stand on a big circle, walled off from each other.  They are asked true/false questions about the pictures. 

Dan got every question right, and wins.  Keesha got absolutely destroyed. 

Dan is the new Head of Household. 

Umm…there’s a huge sumo, buddha guy siting in the Big Brother living room. “The houseguests have a big surprise waiting for them,” says Julie. Weird.

The buddha guy holds a clue to an upcoming luxury challenge, that will allow someone to leave the Big Brother house. 

The houseguests encounter buddha guy.  He’s frightening. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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