It’s finally here, the season 2 finale of America’s Best Dance Crew! This rushed second season has been extraordinary, thanks to creative and brilliant performances by groups like Fanny Pak, A.S.I.I.D., Supreme Soul and Super Cr3w. Tonight one of two things will happen: either Super Cr3w will win or injustice will prevail. I have nothing against SoReal Cru, but the fact remains that they are just a really good dance crew while Super Cr3w is something special, a group that makes me stand up and take notice.

For this very special America’s Best Dance Crew finale, I’ll be providing live commentary as the vanquished crews return one last time to wow us and Randy Jackson shows up in his contractually obligated finale appearance.

The recap of the whole season is less than the “previously on” package of any episode of Big Brother.  I’m just saying, CBS could take some notes.

Mario Lopez lets us know 39 million votes have been cast.

To start things off, SoRal Cru and Super Cr3w delight us with a group dance.  They perform to a weird techno remake of “Puttin’ on the Ritz,” which is awesome.  SoReal does its sexy, smooth thing, then Super Cr3w blows them out of the water with their amazing b-boy moves.  They end with a cool choreographed battle.

I’m going to apologize right now if you don’t like my obscene gushing, but this show is so freaking awesome that it’s hard not to be amazed.

All the eliminated crews come back!  There are a lot of Olympic-themed outfits, with Fanny Pak as the Brits and SoReal Crew EXPLODING with Japan.

We see all the crews coming back to L.A. to rehearse for their regional group performances.  The A.S.I.I.D./Xtreme Dance Force pairing is especially odd.

East Coast – Phresh Select, Sass x7 and Boogie Bots
They mesh pretty well, but there are a lot of people on stage.  Sass x7 gets sexy, but the highlight is when one of the guys from Phresh Select jumps over the Boogie Bots.  All of them.

Afterwards, Mario announces America’s Best Dance Crew is coming back for a third season!  Auditions begin in October!  And you can apply online!  I typically don’t support reality shows cramming multiple seasons in every year, but I suspect there’s more than enough talent out there to support plenty of future ABDC seasons.

South – Distorted X and SoReal Cru
They represent the dirty south well, bringing it hard and sexy.  Perhaps my preference of Super Cr3w is just because I love the flashiness of the West Coast over the sultry southern style.

Midwest – Xtreme Dance Forc enad A.S.I.I.D.
They “Touch the Sky” with Kanye West, and it’s actually really good.  Xtreme Dance Force still brings it hard despite being a bunch of pretty boys.  The two mix a lot better than they do on paper, and thus far it’s my favorite, thanks to some nice flying and a fantastic song.  Sorry haters, I’m a Kanye fan.

Apparently Hamlet 2 opens in select theaters tomorrow.  I may have to leave early from this show to get in line.  “Shoo, Shue.”

West Coast – Fanny Pak, Supreme Soul and Super Cr3w
It’s everything I wanted it to be.  They gel incredibly well together, get their own chances to shine, and incorporate some beautiful architecture.  They look like one massive crew dancing together in perfect harmony and makes me hope these three are the final touring crews.

Now it’s the emotional part of the show where the top two crews and Shane Sparks go to a children’s hospital prom.  Awwwww, so sweet as the crews dance and accompany the kids as their prom dates.

Hmm, how do they intend to fill these last 20 minutes?  Oh, of course, extensive recaps of the journeys that brought these final two crews to the finale.  On the bright side, we get to see the falling ninja towers and Superman flying into the air.  I love Super Cr3w, and in the words of Shane Sparks, “They just sh*t on everybody!”

SoReal Cru has the more emotional story, fighting against their families desires for them to have real jobs and getting kicked out of their dance studio.  I think I would’ve loved them more had they used the EXPLOSION more.  I love the EXPLOSION.

The judges then get their chance to speak.  Shane loves Super Cr3w like they were his own children.  Actually, I think he loves them more.  JC Chasez thinks SoReal Cru is in the finale because they believed in it.  Wow, I guess The Secret works.  Mario flirts with Lil’ Mama, though he’s not lying, because she is looking quite fetching tonight.  She calls them both “SoReal Super Crews.”

Finally, America’s Best Dance Crew is…

SUPER CR3W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh hell to the yeah!

You have to love a reality show where the absolute best actually wins two seasons in a row.  They are in awe and so excited, and it’s the kind of genuine excitement you don’t always see on reality shows.  They can barely talk, just jumping around in excitement.

SoReal Cru is gracious in defeat, though obviously a bit dejected.  It wasn’t like season 1 where the JabbaWockeeZ were guaranteed the win, this one was actually close.

Now, like the Great Pumpkin, Randy Jackson emerges from the mist to crown the winners.  Seriously dawg, put these dudes on American Idol because they deserve the exposure.  They get a trophy, $100,000 and a slot on the America’s Best Dance Crew live tour.

They also provide one last performance to take us out.  They fly, do their b-boy moves and, as always, makes me love my job, because I get paid to watch this.  Another amazing season is done, but we’ll be back soon enough for America’s Best Dance Crew season 3!

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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