Tell the truth: have you ever heard more screaming on Big Brother than from the houseguests of season 10?  No two or three people can have an argument without the entire house getting involved and tonight was no exception.  When Jessie stirred up trouble between Libra, Keesha, and April, it turned into an all out war that just about ruined Keesha’s birthday.  Before you knew it, Jerry and Renny were somehow involved and yelling, too.  Jessie laid low and let the houseguests eat each other alive.  Unfortunately for him, they all figured out exactly what he was up to and the target on his back grew even bigger.  Read on for more details on tonight’s explosive POV episode of Big Brother!

Dan Hugs It Out

America’s Player may just be my favorite thing ever. Sure, it’ll totally be the thing that ruins Dan’s game but, in the meantime, we viewers get to be amused. Tonight, he had to hug a player for 10 seconds and America chose … Jessie! Dan quickly made up a story about his girlfriend and shed some crocodile tears. Jessie fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Not only did they hug for 10 seconds, they hugged for 17! Dan certainly earned every penny on that one.

Michelle Wears a Unitard

During the POV competition, players who were eliminated received prizes but they could trade them for anything else. When Libra won, she was horrified to find the Jen/Sheila red unitard as her prize. Instead of trading it for a letter from her kids, she took Michelle’s Hawaiian vacation. That move proved to be the straw that broke Michelle’s back and she broke down big time. Jessie tried to convince her to stay strong but it seems that, for the moment, she’s mentally checked out of the game.

Jerry Takes Down Memphis and Jessie

When April first found out that Jerry and Libra were playing for the POV, she cried.  That’s how upset she was to have such weak physical players fighting to keep her nominations the same.  Yet, her tears were for nothing as Libra, April, and Jerry because the last 3 people standing in the hockey-themed competition.  Jerry won a letter from home but quickly gave it up in order to the the POV, which was sitting in Jessie’s hands.  He did not use it at the ceremony and kept April’s nominations in tact, just as she wanted.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Gina Scarpa

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