It’s week 4 in the Big Brother house and Memphis and Jesse are sitting on the block.  April promised Michelle that she and Jesse were safe this week, only to nominate him soon after.  She maintains, though, that Jesse is not the target.  Jesse’s attitude and his mouth don’t seem to be winning him any fans.  It’s going to a tough Power of Veto competition, with two of the strongest physical players in the game competing tonight.  Will anybody be able to take them down and preserve the nominations?  If Jesse or Memphis win, will April have to turn on her own alliance or is Michelle the easy pick?  I’ll be covering their every move all hour so keep refreshing and post your thoughts too!

April tries to assure Jessie that he’s not the target this week but you can never be too sure in the Big Brother house.

Ha ha!  Dan has to hug Jessie for 10 seconds.  That’s who I was hoping for, weren’t you?  Is anyone enjoying this as much as me?  Woah, a 17 second hug.  That’s pretty big time.

Time to pick players for the Power of Veto.  Michelle is picked as are Jerry and Libra.  Renny is hosting.  April doesn’t like those picks.  She’s crying about it to Libra, thinking that her alliance is definitely going to lose.  She should work on her pep talks.

Jessie stirs up trouble, telling April that Libra and Keesha are talking about her.  Now, the three girls are having it out.  Nobody gets into more fights than Libra.  For Keesha’s birthday, she’s decided to celebrate by screaming her head off.  Now that everyone figured out that it’s Jesse, it seems the house could start gunning for him.  I love how Renny and Jerry get in the middle of every fight – it makes me laugh.

The amount of yelling this season is out of control.  Agreed?

Tonight’s POV competition is hockey themed.  Basically, you have to shoot a hockey puck close to a target.  If you lose, you’re eliminated but you get to choose a prize.  One prize is the actual power of veto and people can choose to swap.  This game is based more on luck than anything.

Memphis gets the POV.  Michelle gets a vacation to Hawaii.  Jessie gets something called a Slop Surprise.  He trades it for the POV.  (I guess April didn’t need to freak since Jessie’s entire alliance is now out.)  April gets $10,000 which she can use for any reason, even to bribe players to take her off the block.  She keeps it and admits to being selfish.  Hey, as long as she admitted it.  Jerry gets a letter from home but trades it for the POV.  He tells April that they should split the money three ways which makes Jessie laugh.  Libra wins (go figure) and gets a unitard.  That is so great!  She trades it for Michelle’s vacation and she is PISSED.  Memphis gets a slop pass but gets to put someone on slop and he picks Jerry.  A little payback.

Saying that Michelle is pissed is an understatement.  She just called Libra a lot of choice words that I can’t repeat here.  No one has ever wanted to wear a unitard less than Michelle, that’s for sure.  Jessie comforts her and I’m annoyed with myself for kind of liking him for it.

Veto meeting.  Jerry doesn’t use it.  No surprise.  I’m still annoyed with myself but I kind of hope Jessie sticks around.  He makes things interesting.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Gina Scarpa

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