Big Brother 10 now only has three houseguests.  Tonight’s live Power of Veto episode was a sad one, at least for me.  For those of you who are waiting for the west coast airing of Big Brother tonight, I won’t give anything away.  I’ll only say that the results have left me very upset.  In addition to the live Power of Veto ceremony and subsequent eviction, the final three began the final, three part Head of Household competition.  Given the make-up of the final three, the audience probably has a pretty good idea of what the final result will be come Thursday, when the final in-house eviction takes place.  The first part of the Head of Household started, and even though it was an endurance competition, it has already ended.  Read into that what you will.


So, Keesha was evicted by Memphis tonight.  Smart game move, but weak in a moral sense.  I’m not happy with Dan and Memphis right now.

The competition was called “On a Wing and a Prayer.”  The players had to balance themselves on a suspended airplane.  If they weren’t balanced, the plane rolled.  They were hit with fog, and the planes also bobbed up and down.  Now, this is all hearsay – I didn’t actually see the competition.  But, this doesn’t sound like the easiest endurance competition.  I’m not that surprised it ended so quickly. 

Jerry, predictably, fell off first.  Memphis was next.  Dan won.  I suspect that after Jerry fell, Dan and Memphis realized that it didn’t matter which one of them advanced to round three.  The whole point is to keep Jerry out of the third part of the HoH challenge.  It would make sense that Memphis allowed Dan to win. 

It’s Jerry, Dan and Memphis.  I would not have predicted this early in the season.  It’s sad, but a good play, that the Renegades have taken Jerry along with them.  He has almost zero chance of beating Dan and Memphis is this final HoH.  You can all but etch in stone a finale featuring Dan and Memphis.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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