Check out the best lines and exchanges from The Vampire Diaries “The Cell.”

#19 “I haven’t heard from Stefan yet, but I’m hoping he’ll be here soon. When was the last time you two spoke?”

– Joseph Salvatore
Damon: “Well, he doesn’t call, he doesn’t write. Of course, neither do. In all fairness, I am the one that abandoned hm on a train platform in the middle of World War II.”

#18 “Now I won’t have to pay him.”

– Dr. Whitmore

#17 “Deep thoughts, mortal coil, blah, blah, blah. Ugh. My hand’s tired.”

– Katherine

#16 “What kind of sentimental idiot writes down everything they feel? Is ths what the prophecy meant when it said the doppelgangers were drawn together like magnets? Because if it is, I want my money back.”

– Katherine
Stefan: “I’m just trying to make sure you don’t slit your wrists.”
Katherine: “Well, this whole neurotic granny vibe doesn’t exactly make me want to live.”

#15 “What are you doing here?”

– Stefan
Caroline: “I’m your sober sponsor. And I heard that you needed help.”

#14 “Don’t worry I sanitized it.”

– Caroline

#13 “How do you hit the reset button?”

– Aaron
Elena: “Me? I haven’t reset anything. All of my problems, they’ve followed me here.”

#12 “You know, most people would buy me dinner first.”

– Damon

#11 “You are right about one thing. He needs to get over the root of his problem because right now the score is safe one, Stefan zero.”

– Katherine

#10 “I can’t be in here, please.”

– Stefan
Katherine: “You’re Stefan Salvatore. Suck it up.”

#9 “Damon, I love you. I love you and these people tortured you for five years. Whatever you had to do, I don’t care.”

– Elena

#8 “I’m sorry, Enzo.”

– Damon

#7 “After that, everything was fine. Everything was fine.”

– Damon

#6 “Although, don’t forget you loved me before you hated me.”

– Katherine

#5 “Great. Mini-Wes.”

– Damon

#4 “A little help here. I mean, I know I’m a vampire, but this think is really heavy. Stefan? Hello?”

– Caroline

#3 “So I guess you were right, all along. It was easier to focus on my physical pain than the breakup. I need to move on.”

– Stefan
Katherine: “So you admit it. I do know what I’m doing.”
Stefan: “To be honest with you, I never know exactly what you’re doing, Katherine.”
Katherine: “Well, Stefan, sometimes.I don’t either. Like right now, for example.”

#2 “Aww. Oww. I guess I had that coming.”

– Damon

#1 “Ahh, welcome. I’m 12144. my name is Enzo.”

– Enzo

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