The 100th episode of Glee is coming up in March, and Ryan Murphy has invited all the original cast members to return — which ones have accepted his invitation and which guest star is making another appearance? Also in today’s Roundup, FOX has released a video in which Jane Lynch explains why there’s a Christmas episode this season. And Lea Michele has revealed the name of her debut album along with the cover art for her first single.

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Which Original Cast Members are Returning for 100th Episode?

Glee is making sure its 100th episode is one that fans will be eager to watch. Not only can we vote on our favorite songs that will be remixed by the cast (over 1.8 million votes have been cast), but now creator/executive producer Ryan Murphy has invited all the original cast members to return.

He tweeted, “ALL The Glee Originals received invites today to be in our 100th episode! More to follow.”

In no time, more announcements came revealing which cast members have accepted the invitation: “Amber [Riley] is IN for episode 100! … Mark [Salling] is IN … Harry [Shum, Jr.] is IN … Heather [Morris] is IN.”

So that’s Mercedes, Puck, Mike and Brittany, which leaves us still waiting on a response from Dianna Agron, who plays Quinn. There has been so much speculation over the past several months regarding her relationship with Glee, with rumors swirling that Murphy and the cast/crew didn’t like her very much, though she has since responded to all the gossip.

According to TVLine, the 100th episode storyline does include Agron, and “I hear she wants to do it. Whether the dates work out is another question.” After all those rumors, I don’t think any of them can really afford to have her not participate, or else it’ll start back up all over again.

Update: Ryan Murphy made it official that Diana Agron is indeed returning for the 100th episode by tweeting, “Diana is IN for Glee 100th!”

Also, the original press release on the 100th episode made it seem like the current members of New Directions would be singing the remixed songs, but a source has told E! Online, “Most of the songs will be sung by the Originals, with special guest stars as well. The Old New Directions.”

Speaking of “special guest stars,” we already know of one who will be stopping by. Murphy tweeted out yet again: “Kristin Chenoweth is IN for Glee’s 100th! Love her!” The Broadway star replied back with a simple “Very excited.” She has played April Rhodes in three episodes during the first two seasons. The last time we heard anything about her, she was starring in a Broadway musical about her life called Crossrhodes: The April Rhodes Story.

[Video] Jane Lynch Introduces “Unaired” Christmas Episode

As we all know by now, Glee is airing a Christmas episode tonight. But it seems out of place since the current storyline is set in the spring. To work around this, the show is billing this as an “unaired” episode filmed last year and set in December of 2012, even though it really was filmed just this year.

This fake explanation will be addressed at the start of the episode — FOX has released the video, which you can watch below.

In it, star Jane Lynch mentions that after taking a look at the director’s cut, “FOX executives recoiled in horror. … After a year of pleas from fans all over the world, the episode will now air, with several edits.” This whole thing is very tongue in cheek, and there’s a mention of an obsession that Blaine had in the “original” cut of the episode that’s hilarious.

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Lea Michele’s Album Title and Single Cover Art Revealed

Lea Michele has been hard at work on her debut album. She announced on Twitter that the name of the record will be called Louder: “So excited for everyone to hear my first single Cannonball, off my debut album LOUDER!” The single was written by Sia and will be released on December 10.


In November, Michele revealed that one of the songs on the album, “You’re Mine,” is dedicated to Cory Monteith. She told Elle, “It makes me so happy, this song. It makes me think so much of Cory. It was ours. When I was of him, I play this.”

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