Not to be the biggest Grinch this holiday season, but Glee‘s fall season should’ve ended with last week’s episode, not with this week’s “Previously Unaired Christmas.”

Despite it being fitting for the holiday season, the story that this episode had been locked away for the past year is weak. Why couldn’t they just film an episode for this Christmas? Oh yeah, because it’s still the last school year.

I know, I know — it’s all supposed to be tongue and cheek, and I should take it for what it is. It wasn’t completely horrible. More like painful and entertaining at the same time.

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Mary’s Little Boy Child

McKinley’s Nondenominational Club (the one of 20 that Blaine is in — in fact, it’s practically all of glee club and the adviser is Coach Beiste) are putting together a living nativity after the school’s nativity scene is stolen.

The girls butt heads over who should be the Virgin Mary. Marley thinks it should be her since she’s a virgin — and ends up getting the part. Kitty shows her human side that we don’t get to see so much, admitting she wants to be Mary but doesn’t feel worthy of it.

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

Meanwhile, Sue is heading the “annual” Christmas-tree decorating contest. “Annual” because it hasn’t taken place in the last oh, several years. The theme is environmentally conscious, and she’s positive glee club will come in last place — nothing will please her more.

But Sue ends up eating her words, and she ends up announcing them as winners over the school PA. But Sam and Tina end up giving the trophy to Becky because she didn’t understand the theme and therefore took the green theme literally. As a token of appreciation, she gives her baby teeth to Sam and Tina.

Here Comes Santa Claus

In New York, we find out more about the time frame of “last Christmas.” Blaine and Kurt had broken up, and Santana and Brittany have just too — and she hasn’t yet left college but makes a visit to her pals in the Big Apple.

Rachel books them a gig as Santa’s elves so they can rub shoulders with the Broadway big-wigs who will most certainly bring their children to see the big guy. And says she’ll be the best Jewish elf ever.

Except Santa is a total drunk who leaves to drink some more, leaving the three to try and keep the kids happy with song, and Santana even dresses up as Mrs. Claus says pretty offensive (but slightly funny) things to the kids. 

Eventually, a Santa with a six pack comes along. Since Kurt is newly single, he has no problem flirting with hot Santa, and they all go to Rachel and Kurt’s place and suck on helium, drink spiked eggnog — and Kurt and Santa make out. 

The next day, Rachel and Santana wake up to find their place completely trashed and robbed. It turns out hot Santa has been up to no good. Plus, they get fired, but get new jobs as performers in a store display.

Away in a Manger

Touched by her admission, Marley wants Kitty to have the part of the Virgin Mary, but since she won’t audition for it, they’ll just have to make her demand it. So during rehearsals, Unique comes out as the Virgin Mary, goes into labor and gives birth. All very ridiculous, but enough to get a rise out of Kitty, who demands to be the Virgin Mary. She, of course, gets the part.

The nativity scene comes together, with Becky as a hilarious baby because of the costume she wears. The last scene is a pretty nice one with both the New York and McKinley kids performing the same number.

So there you have it, the fall finale of Glee. See you again Tuesday, February 25 at 8pm on FOX. 

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Esther Gim

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