With so many new and returning TV shows premiering in December, it’s tough to decide what to watch. To save you the effort, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best available options.

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10 New TV Shows to Watch in December 2022 (Ranked by Popularity)

December 2022 is scheduled to have a plethora of good TV shows, but we’ve selected the top 10 most captivating ones for you. From streaming behemoths like Netflix and HBO Max to Apple TV, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime, don’t miss out on these 10 interesting shows.

“1923” on Paramount+

The anticipated sequel to “1883,” and the new original drama series, “1923” will air in the U.S. and Canada on Sunday, December 18th, starring Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford. It’s the newest show on Sheridan’s expanding lineup on Paramount+, which in addition to “1883” and “Mayor of Kingstown,” includes shows like “Tulsa King.”

With the smashing success of both the Dutton family series “Yellowstone” and “1883,” it’s no surprise that “1923” is the most popular TV series being released this December according to IMDb.

1923 - Yellowstone Origin Story

“1923” will focus on a new generation of Duttons, led by patriarch Jacob (Ford) and matriarch Cara (Mirren). Set in the early 20th century, the series will explore how pandemics, historic droughts, the end of Prohibition, and the Great Depression impacted those living in the mountain west. The show not only stars Academy Award nominee Ford and winner Mirren, but also Darren Mann, Michelle Randolph, James Badge Dale, Marley Shelton, Brian Geraghty, Aminah Nieves, and Jerome Flynn.

To celebrate the success of “1883” and “Mayor of Kingstown”, Paramount Network will host a linear airing of the debut episode of “1923” on December 18, immediately following a new episode of “Yellowstone.” The second episode of “1923” will air on Paramount Network on January 1st. The show is projected to have eight episodes in total.

“Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan” Season 3 on Prime Video

The third season of the series “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan,” starring John Krasinski, will premiere on Prime Video on Wednesday, December 21. The most popular season premiere on this list will stream all eight episodes exclusively on Prime Video worldwide.

In Season Three of the action-thriller series “Jack Ryan,” our protagonist is on the run and must race against time to clear his name. Jack becomes implicated in a conspiracy through no fault of his own and suddenly finds himself labeled a fugitive by those he thought were allies. Alone and out in the cold, Jack has to find a way to prove his innocence before it’s too late. Jack is now a wanted man by both the CIA and an international rogue faction that he uncovered. He’s forced to go into hiding, constantly moving around Europe trying to stay alive and prevent a global conflict from happening.

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan - Season 3

New to the cast this season are Nina Hoss as Alena Kovac and Betty Gabriel as Elizabeth Wright, in addition to already announced series regulars Wendell Pierce as James Greer and Michael Kelly as Mike November.

“His Dark Materials” Season 3 on HBO Max

The third and final season of “His Dark Materials” will air on Monday, December 5 with two back-to-back episodes on HBO. The eight-episode series will also stream on HBO Max. Two new episodes will also be available each week leading up to the series finale on December 26.

His Dark Materials - Season 3

“The Amber Spyglass,” the final novel in Philip Pullman’s award-winning trilogy and the basis for this fantasy series’ finale, tells the story of Lyra (Dafne Keen) and Will (Amir Wilson). As the prophesied child and bearer of The Subtle Knife respectively, they journey to a dark place from which no one has ever returned. They quickly realize that saving their world will come at a great cost as her father’s war against the Authority rages on.

“George & Tammy” on Showtime


You can catch the season debut of “George & Tammy” on Showtime or the Paramount Network on Sunday, December 4th. New episodes will be available streaming and on-demand for all Showtime subscribers as well as those with a Paramount+ with Showtime bundle every Friday following its initial airing on Sundays.

“George & Tammy” is the story of country music’s power couple, Tammy Wynette and George Jones. Their complicated but enduring relationship inspired some of the most iconic music of all time. Wynette, remembered as the “First Lady of Country Music,” had her greatest success with “Stand by Your Man,” which is one of the best-selling country singles by a female artist.

George & Tammy

Key Art for GEORGE & TAMMY. Photo Credit: Courtesy of SHOWTIME.

“He Stopped Loving Her Today” by George Jones is still referred to as the best country song of all time by many. With a combined 30 number-one country songs, including duets “We’re Gonna Hold On,” “Golden Ring” and “Near You,” their musical and romantic legacy remains one of history’s greatest love stories.

“Slow Horses” Season 2 on Apple TV+

The second season of the spy series “Slow Horses,” starring Academy Award winner Gary Oldman, will air globally on December 2 on Apple TV+. Season two of the drama, adapted from Mick Herron’s second novel “Dead Lions,” will premiere with two episodes followed by one new episode every Friday.

Cold War secrets come to light in season two, endangering the peace in London. After a liaison with Russian villains goes awry, our heroes must work together to improve their skills and prevent widespread disaster. The espionage drama features a group of British intelligence agents who work in an unimportant department of MI5, colloquially known as Slough House.

Slow Horses - Season 2

Oldman plays Jackson Lamb, the smart but grouchy head of spies who are stuck in Slough House because they made one too many mistakes while trying to navigate the complex world of espionage. The ensemble cast for the series includes Kristin Scott Thomas, Jack Lowden, and Jonathan Pryce to name a few.

“Doom Patrol” Season 4 on HBO Max


The Max Original series “Doom Patrol” will air its fourth season debut on Thursday, December 8 with two episodes. Then, one new episode will drop weekly until January 5, 2023, with a total of six brand-new episodes from season four.

“Doom Patrol,” tells the story of a group of superheroes who are beloved by many DC fans: “Robotman” aka Cliff Steele (Brendan Fraser), “Negative Man” aka Larry Trainor (Matt Bomer), “Elasti-Woman” aka Rita Farr (April Bowlby), “Crazy Jane” (Diane Guerrero), and “Cyborg” aka Victor Stone (Joivan Wade). They are joined by former super-villain “Madame Rouge” alias Laura de Mille played by actress Michelle Gomez.

Doom Patrol - Season 4 poster

The members of the Doom Patrol all had accidents that gave them superhuman abilities but also left physical and emotional scars. They rely on each other for support and camaraderie as they use their powers to fight for a world that rejects them.

Season four begins with the gang time-traveling to an unwelcoming future. Confronted with their own doomed futures, the Doom Patrol must finally decide what matters more: their personal happiness or saving the world.

“National Treasure: Edge of History” on Disney+

The Disney+ Original series, “National Treasure: Edge of History” is a continuation of the “National Treasure” movie franchise produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. It will premier with two episodes on December 14, 2022. New episodes will drop each Wednesday through February 8, 2023, for a total of ten episodes.

The TV series follows Jess Valenzuela, a 20-year-old dreamer, who sets off on an exploration to discover the mystery of her family history. After Jess Valenzuela’s life is thrown into turmoil by a stranger with a clue to an ancient treasure, she realizes that her knack for solving puzzles may come in handy. With the help of friends, Jess follows clues hidden in American artifacts and landmarks.

National Treasure: Edge of History poster

However, things become more complicated when Jess has to face off against a black-market antiquities dealer. Can Jess find history’s greatest lost treasure before it’s too late?

“Emily in Paris” Season 3 on Netflix

“Emily in Paris” Season 3 will be released on Netflix on December 21, 2022. It is one of the quintessential Netflix titles and with good reason – it is an excellent show that everyone wants to watch.

Many people may not know this, but the show was developed for Paramount Network in 2018, not Netflix. Thankfully, they decided to give the show a straight-to-series order which led to it being picked up by Netflix and released in July 2020.

During the months leading up to the release of “Emily in Paris” Season 3, fans will be most curious about what happens next for our heroine. The season 2 finale was full of cliffhangers, so there are many questions that need to be answered.

Emily in Paris - Season 3

After Madeline (Kate Walsh) and Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) got into a fight at the end of Season 2, Sylvie decided to leave Savoir and start her own rival firm. She asked Emily (Lily Collins) to join her in Chicago, but it looks like she stayed in Paris based on some new promotional images for Season 3. In turn, this creates some interesting opportunities for speculation about how her time in Paris will play out.

For example, Gabrielle (Lucas Bravo) and Camille (Camille Razat) are back together and are now neighbors of Emily which is likely to cause some sort of mayhem, especially considering Alfie’s (Lucien Laviscount) suggestion of a long-distance relationship. The fans are eager for the same type of witty and entertaining drama that they have seen in the first two seasons.

“The Recruit” on Netflix


Netflix has confirmed that the series will be released on its platform on December 16th, 2022. With it being released just in time for Christmas, this may make the perfect early present for fans who can’t wait for the show to launch.

The rumor mill can finally be put to bed– it has been confirmed that the upcoming show will have a total of eight hour-long episodes. Services like Netflix may provide an extensive variety of content, but there’s nothing like getting lost in a good old-fashioned miniseries. And with Noah Centineo starring? We’re sure this series is going to heat up living rooms around the world (literally and figuratively).

The Recruit

This logline seems like it was lifted straight from a successful show in the same genre, which is awesome for fans of that type of series. Plus, with the added suspenseful elements from the trailer, viewers are sure to be on the edge of their seats.

“(The Recruit) follows a lawyer at the CIA who gets entangled in dangerous international power politics when a former asset threatens to expose the nature of her long-term relationship with the agency.”

A common perception of Netflix’s most popular series is that they have a great ensemble cast that audiences can’t help but love. This will be the case for The Recruit as well. As mentioned before, Noah Centineo (The Perfect Date) will play a leading role who is not only playing Atom Smasher in “Black Adam,” but he also gets to star alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

The notable cast of the show also includes Laura Haddock (White Lines) as Max, Aarti Mann (Never Have I Ever) as Violet, Daniel Quincy Annoh (Americanah) as Terence, and Vondie Curtis Hall (Harriet) as Walter Nyland. With such a star-studded lineup, you won’t want to miss what is arguably one of Netflix’s best shows premiering this December!

“The Witcher: Blood Origin” on Netflix

“The Witcher: Blood Origin” will be premiering on Netflix as a 4-episode prequel series to “The Witcher” on Christmas Day, December 25, 2022.

The story of “The Witcher: Blood Origins” is set 1200 years before “The Witcher” series and tells the story of the Conjunction of Spheres, the event that led to the multiple realms of monsters, elves, and humans melding into one, which is the world that we know from the books, games, and Netflix series.

The Witcher: Blood Origin

“The Witcher: Blood Origins” is set in a time 1200 years before the events of “The Witcher” Netflix series. The story follows the Conjunction of Spheres event which led to different realms inhabited by monsters, elves, and humans merging into one.

The series will center on three heroes:

  • Éile (Sophia Brown), a warrior who leaves her clan and role as the queen’s protector to become a singer;
  • Fjall (Laurence O’Fuarain), a warrior who joins Éile on her travels;
  • and Scian (Michelle Yeoh), an elf hunting for a stolen sacred sword.

If you’re looking for more than our top picks, we’ve provided a list of other great TV shows coming to Netflix, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video this December.

Interesting TV Shows to Watch on Netflix in December 2022

If you’re looking for something new to watch on Netflix in December 2022, look no further! Below is a comprehensive guide to interesting TV shows premiering or returning.

Title Date
Firefly Lane Dec 2
Hot Skull
My Unorthodox Life
Too Hot to Handle Dec 7
Copenhagen Cowboy Dec 8
How to Ruin Christmas Dec 9
Dream Home Makeover
The Recruit Dec 16
Dance Monsters
Cook At All Costs
Emily in Paris Dec 21
The Witcher: Blood Origin Dec 25

Interesting TV Shows to Watch on HBO Max in December 2022

If you’re subscribed to HBO Max, check out this guide to the best TV shows and specials premiering in December 2022.

Title Date
Gossip Girl Dec 1
Sort Of
His Dark Materials Dec 5
Doom Patrol Dec 8

Interesting TV Shows to Watch on Amazon Prime Video in December 2022

For those looking for something special on Prime Video, check out the following table of releases for December 2022.

Title Date
Three Pines Dec 2
Dr. Seuss Baking Challenge Dec 13
Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Dec 21

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