Barry’s experience with the Speed Force provided him with a new perspective and increased confidence in himself and his mission. In The Flash Season 2 Episode 22, “Invincible,” Barry went full speed ahead against the Earth-2 meta-humans. Zoom continued his attack and went to extremes to make Barry see they were the same.

Check out the best lines and exchanges from “Invincible.”

“Some people are calling it the metapocalypse, the days when Central City was overrun by an army with powers beyond imagination. But in these dark times, we must never forget our own strength,  our own power to fight back. That it is only in the blackest of nights that we can truly see the light… and know for sure we are not alone. We are never ever alone.”
– Iris

“I know from being in the Speed Force that the universe is with us, not Zoom. And if the universe is with us, how can we possibly lose? Right guys?”
– Barry

“I saw a bird. Like, a dead bird.”
– Cisco

“Thank  you, Mr. Allen. I’m not stupid.”
– Dr. McGee

The Flash 2221.jpg“What I was shown in the Speed Force, it didn’t just change my mind, it changed me.  I don’t know– what you’re seeing as optimism is, for the first time, I’m just not being afraid anymore.”
– Barry

Zoom: “I know you. I know what’s holding you back. You and me… we’re really the same person.”
Barry: “Yeah, you keep saying that, but it’s not gonna make it true.”

Zoom: “You’ll see, we are. Same tragic background. Same reason for running. Same desire to be the fastest, to be the best. The difference? You think your anger is dirty somehow. You want to be seen as pure, the hero. Doesn’t it get exhausting? Doesn’t it get exhausting, Barry! It was exhausting playing Jay, believe me.”
Barry: “I’m not pretending.”

“Now if it were me, I’d let that building tumble without a second thought. But you, you’ll never let that happen, will you? That’s why I’m gonna beat you, Barry. Because you always have to be the hero. And while you’re playing the good little boy, I’ll be busy winning.”
– Zoom

“Birds! Why? It’s like a Hitchcock movie in my head.”
– Cisco

“Where’s Barry? I need a taste of that ‘walking on sunshine’ thing he’s got going on right now.”
– Cisco

Screenshot_17.jpg“Laurel Lance is dead. On this Earth, anyway. Poor Black Canary. Bye-bye birdy.”
– Black Siren

Iris: “You know you’re not invincible, right?”
Barry: “Yes, of course I know this.”

Joe: “Harry and Jesse are from Earth-2. How do we keep the pulse from hurting them?”
Harry: “Oh, Detective, I didn’t know you cared.”
Joe: “Yes you did.”

“This is where I play stupid and you explain science.”
– Joe

“What the what?”
– Caitlin

Iris: “So I guess you are invincible.”
Barry: “Told you. The Speed Force is with us.”

Screenshot_19.jpgBarry: “Since I’m feeling extra invincible lately, what do you say you and I give this a shot?”
Iris: “Yeah, I would like that.”

“Our story continues, Flash.”
– Zoom

“You still won’t believe me that you and I are the same. … So, I’m going to have to make you believe me.”
– Zoom

“Whatever happens  you have made me the happiest father… Your mother and I love…”
– Henry

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8pm ET on the CW.

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