There were many excellent moments in season 7 of The Vampire Diaries and more than a few of those moments involved Bonnie Bennett. Bonnie had quite the journey this season, as she dealt with numerous threats to her life, struggled with being abandoned by her best friend, and found joy in falling in love. And this was all before she took over Rayna’s role as the Huntress and woke up with a powerful need to kill the people she loves. Take a look back at the 10 most important Bonnie moments from season 7.

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1. “I wanna fight. I want our town back.”

Bonnie wanna fight.jpgAs Bonnie explained to Damon, she decided to be pro-active in this moment from the season premiere. She and Damon returned to Mystic Falls to find that Lily and the heretics had begun to terrorize the town. Instead of sitting back and letting that happen, Bonnie and Damon devised a plan to go after the heretics. After locating one of Lily’s “family” members, Bonnie used her magic to distract him so Damon could sneak up behind him and rip out his heart. This may not have been the best decision on Bonnie’s part, but it was nice to see her take action to protect her town. Too often, Bonnie and the Mystic Falls gang are left playing defense against their foes so I liked seeing Bonnie try a new approach. It was a great way to kick off the season for her.

2. Bonnie and Caroline Reconnected

Bonnie Caroline Reconnected.jpgIn the first scene they had together this season, Bonnie and Caroline caught each other up on all the crazy happenings in their lives. Caroline explained the rules of the veravain spell Valerie put on her — she could touch Bonnie but not vampires — and Bonnie told Caroline about Alaric’s plan to use the Phoenix stone to resurrect his dead wife. Bonnie didn’t know if she could resurrect Jo, but she knew that she shouldn’t. With the other side gone, Jo’s spirit was probably at peace and Bonnie clearly felt wrong disturbing that peace. She told Caroline that she planned on breaking the news to Alaric in “the most gentle way possible.” Caroline remarked about how weird their lives are and the girls cuddled in bed. This cute scene stood out simply because there were so few light-hearted moments for Bonnie this season. Sadly, this was also one of the few bonding moments Bonnie and Caroline had together all year. I hope we get more scenes with them next season.

3. “Bonnie, you are officially the most terrifying person I know.”

Bonnie terrifying.jpgDamon said this to Bonnie during the scene in which Bonnie brought “Oscar” back from the dead. After several failed attempts at resurrecting the deceased vampire — one of which included the hilarious gag of Bonnie setting the body on fire and yelling at Alaric to put it out — Bonnie finally found the right spell to resurrect him. Unfortunately for everyone involved, “Oscar” was really a crazed vampire who got brought back in the wrong body, but Bonnie’s ability to raise the dead was still impressive. The show pays a lot of lip-service to what a powerful witch Bonnie is, but it is rare that we see this power in action. This was one of those moments where we understood that Bonnie is a force to be reckoned with.

4. Bonnie Went to Extremes to Save a Friend

Bonnie goes to extremes.jpgWhen Bonnie and Damon made their first trip to the Armory, things didn’t exactly go as planned. Damon wound up trapped in a room with Tyler during the full moon, just as Tyler was about to transform. To free Damon, Bonnie first knocked Enzo out and then chopped off his hand so she could bypass the lock on the door. She also made a delightful joke — “looks like you could use a hand” — that showed just how accustomed she’d become to situations like this. Bonnie’s actions here also came with personal risk. After Bonnie freed Damon, she got caught in the middle of his fight with Tyler and was knocked unconscious. Though Damon gave her his blood, she couldn’t heal right away thanks to being dosed with something that stripped her of her magic. Bonnie essentially risked her life to save Damon, proving that she’s just about the best friend you could ask for.

5. “And I am not okay with never seeing you…my best friend…ever again.”

Bonnie not okay .jpg(Did anyone else cry when Bonnie said that line to Damon?) This heartbreaking moment saw Bonnie confronting Damon after she learned that he intended to desiccate without saying goodbye. Bonnie was devastated by Damon’s plan — to essentially sleep until Elena wakes up — because it meant they would never see each other again. Bonnie couldn’t believe that the person she considered her best friend was going to leave her forever and that he intended to say goodbye in a letter. But Bonnie wouldn’t let Damon get away with that. She tracked him down and let him know how much his decision hurt her. When Damon tried to explain himself, Bonnie cut him off, refusing to let him have the last word. Kat Graham did such an incredible job with this scene. She nailed Bonnie’s mix of sadness and anger at being abandoned by her closest friend. The way she held herself and the way her voice broke at certain points was perfect for conveying how much Bonnie was struggling to hold it together so she wouldn’t break down in front of Damon. Her performance made this one of the best scenes of the entire season.

6. Bonnie Received a Double Shock

Bonnie Double.jpgAfter Enzo learned the truth about the pills, he had to tell Bonnie that the thing she’d been taking to stay off the Armory’s radar was slowly poisoning her. As Bonnie struggled with the shock of learning that she was sick, she also dealt with the knowledge that she might be dying. Since Bonnie had already died quite a few times, her terror at facing death yet again was palpable. The desperation in her eyes when Enzo promised that he wouldn’t let her die was painful, but not as painful as the look on her face at seeing Damon again. The way Bonnie dealt with Damon’s sudden reappearance in her life — by slamming the door in his face — made this a must-watch scene for any Bonnie fan.

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7. Bonnie Fell in Love

Bonnie love.jpgThis may be cheating a bit, but it’s hard to pick just one of the Bonnie/Enzo flashbacks in episode 19. Each flashback is important in telling the story of how Bonnie and Enzo went from reluctant enemies to lovers. The Bonnie/Enzo relationship — like most relationships in The Vampire Diaries ‘verse — didn’t really start in a healthy place. Yet by the time the couple shared their first kiss, it was clear they had come to trust and respect each other. It was also clear that they made each other happy. I can’t remember the last time Bonnie smiled so much in one episode. Bonnie went through a lot of dark times in season 7 so it was great to see her find some happiness through her romance with Enzo.

8. “No one’s getting out.”

Bonnie Armory.jpgWith those words, Bonnie took control over a dangerous situation. Bonnie had been told multiple times that the evil that lurked inside the Armory’s vault should never be released. Even after Alex kidnapped Caroline and Alaric to force Bonnie’s hand in opening said vault, Bonnie wasn’t giving in that easily. Bonnie used her magic to seal Alex and her henchmen inside the Armory to keep the mysterious evil inside the vault from escaping. Alex thought she could manipulate Bonnie, but Bonnie wasn’t going to be responsible for unleashing some dark evil into the world. She also wasn’t going to let Alex win, given that Alex’s pursuit of her forced Bonnie into hiding for three years. Alas, this act of defiance was undone in the season finale, but this short-lived victory was an important moment for Bonnie.

9. Huntress-Bonnie Tried to Kill Damon

Huntress Bonnie.jpgThis emotionally-charged scene from the season’s penultimate episode found Bonnie in full Huntress mode as she chased Damon through the woods. After Damon went into Bonnie’s mind, she woke up with the need to kill him thanks to her new Huntress instincts. Bonnie’s Huntress powers came with increased strength so she actually stood a chance at killing Damon. As Bonnie hunted him, Damon continually tried to get through to the real Bonnie inside the Huntress. When his attempts to reason with her did not work, Damon told Bonnie how he felt about her — that he admired her and loved her — and begged her to forgive him before she took his life. Alas, Bonnie’s Huntress instincts wouldn’t allow her that, but Matt showed up in time to knock Bonnie out before she could finish the job. Kat Graham and Ian Somerhalder did fantastic work in this scene, both with the emotion and the physicality it required. It was hard to see Bonnie driven to kill the people she cares about, but this Huntress-Bonnie storyline was incredibly compelling.

10. Bonnie Almost Killed Enzo

Bonnie Almost Killed Enzo.jpgIn the most intense scene from the season 7 finale, Huntress-Bonnie tracked Enzo down at their cabin. (Enzo lured Bonnie into chasing him so their friends could work on curing Bonnie of the Huntress curse.) Enzo managed to fight Bonnie off at first, but she eventually got the best of him and rendered him unable to move. As a heartbroken Bonnie started to drive a stake into his chest, she begged Enzo to fight her. Alas, Enzo wasn’t strong enough so he took what he thought were their final moments together to tell Bonnie what she means to him. He also encouraged her to remember the good times they shared instead of how it all ended. Luckily for both of them, Damon managed to destroy the last Everlasting, thus freeing Bonnie from the Huntress curse. Unlike the above moment with Damon, I was worried Bonnie might actually kill Enzo here so the show did an excellent job building the suspense during this scene. (While Bonnie was released from the Huntress curse, I hope she gets to keep some of the physical strength she gained from it because it was a lot of fun seeing her hold her own against these powerful vampires. Since Bonnie ended the season without regaining her magic, that extra strength could make all the difference in her continued survival in the supernatural world.)

What was your favorite Bonnie moment this season?

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