In this episode of Gotham, “Wrath of the Villains: A Legion of Horribles,” Bruce, Lucius Fox and Gordon formulate a plan to rescue Selina. Strange brings Fish Mooney back from the dead, and she’s not quite the woman she used to be. And Strange answers to a higher power.

Thanks to Selina’s cat-like reflexes, she’s able to avoid becoming a crispy critter, not for Bridgit’s (aka “Firefly”) lack of trying. Bridgit has obviously succumbed to Strange’s brainwashing because she now believes she’s the Goddess of Fire. But brute strength beats out a blowtorch when Selina knocks Bridgit out cold, commenting, “Man, Bridgit … someone sure scrambled your eggs.”

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A Rescue Mission

When Selina fails to return from Arkham, Bruce realizes his friend is in trouble and goes to Gordon for help. Bruce informs him she’s being held captive by Hugo Strange.

Alfred is livid to learn that Bruce involved Selina, even after he expressly ordered his young charge not to put the girl in harm’s way. 

Lucius Fox doesn’t believe Selina is at Arkham, confident that Strange has her in a secret lab somewhere. Because Strange runs Arkham and is seen there every day, Gordon figures out that wherever Strange is doing his dirty work has to be accessible via the asylum. They put together that the location must be underground. The problem is finding out how to get there. Fox has a solution. He figures that whatever technology Strange is using requires plutonium isotopes. If so, there will be trace radiation. Fox developed a miniature Geiger counter for Wayne Enterprises for use on the battlefield. If Gordon can get Fox into Arkham, he can find the lab. 

Bruce says that since the Wayne Foundation is a large donor, he’ll ask for a tour. Alfred doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Bruce to engage with the man who had his father killed. Bruce is convinced that Strange will want to find out just how much he knows and won’t view himself or Fox as a threat. Alfred tries to put his foot down, but Bruce is determined to make things right since he’s the one who got Selina into this mess in the first place. Fox promises to protect Bruce.

Gordon states that once Bruce and Fox find the lab, he’ll call Bullock the GCPD will come busting in and keep Strange busy while he finds Selina. Basically, every objection Alfred has gets shot down, and the plan is a go.

Go Fish

Strange continues his experiments. Beatrice is concerned that Strange has gone off the rails. He continues to “awaken” subjects, none of whom remember who they once were. She warns Strange that their employers are going to shut them down, but Strange is obsessed with giving his creations new personas that they design and control. Beatrice argues that this argument is lost on the powers that be who obviously have a different agenda. 

If Nygma was worried about his fate before his escape attempt, things have only gotten worse for him since. Nygma is now locked up with a cannibal by the name of Mr. Stirk. A few inches of chain is the only thing preventing Stirk from devouring Nygma piece by piece.

In an attempt to distance himself from his new roommate, Nygma tells Beatrice that if Strange hopes to stop Jim Gordon and the GCPD, the Professor is going to need his help. 

Strange hits the jackpot when he brings his latest subject back from the dead. She remembers exactly who she is: Fish Mooney. Beatrice questions why Fish awoke with her memory intact. Strange isn’t sure. It could be the increased voltage (equal to a bolt of lightning), or the cuttlefish DNA spliced with her own or a contaminate in the river from which she was pulled. 

One thing is certain: Strange’s masters will be pleased that he’s finally created his first true reanimate. 

Strange also decides to entertain any ideas Nygma may have regarding Gordon. He was clever enough to find the basement, and Nygma does know Gordon pretty well. 

Like Father, Like Son

Bruce and Mr. Fox arrive at Arkham and are greeted by a gracious Strange. Bruce requests that they talk while Lucius tours the facility to see just how the Waynes’ money is being spent. Strange isn’t about to let a civilian go traipsing around Arkham, so he has Beatrice act as a guide. 

Meanwhile, Gordon — who makes his way out of the trunk of Fox’s car — does some poking around of his own. Dressed in his old uniform, he uses an old ID card to gain access. The guard points out that it’s expired, but Gordon uses the excuse that he lost his new one. Gordon gets in, but he’s aroused suspicion.

Strange recounts how Gordon came to see him, stating that his was working on a client’s behalf, Bruce’s more specifically. He wants to know if Bruce has come to follow up regarding Gordon’s questions and allegations about Pinewood. Bruce explains that after Gordon left the GCPD, Bruce retained him to look into his parents’ deaths. Bruce states that Gordon has been pursuing various leads and doesn’t share everything with him. 

Strange tells Bruce he reminds him of his father; Bruce has the same look of certainty in his eyes. Strange says that is a luxury he isn’t allowed. As a scientist, he must leave room for doubt. But not Thomas; he “believed” in things. Bruce comments that some might refer to this as moral principles. Strange tells Bruce that science and moral absolutes don’t often go hand in hand and recounts how he and Thomas would argue, with Strange unable to get Thomas to bend. Bruce is glad to hear that his father stood his ground; it made him the man he was. Strange says it’s also what killed him and his mother. Were his father’s ideals worth that sacrifice? 

Bruce takes this as an admission of guilt and calls Strange out. All Strange will admit is that he was Thomas’ friend, and he warned him, just as he’s warning Bruce, to turn back. For the sake of everyone Bruce cares about, he needs to make the choice Thomas did not.

A surly Beatrice shows Mr. Fox around, and he uses his little gadget, hoping to pick up some readings. Beatrice catches him and questions Fox about the device. He tells her it measures the air quality. Beatrice continues, oblivious to the fact that Fox’s machine has started to go nuts. He makes a mark on a wall where the signal is the strongest, a clue to Gordon that the entrance to the lab must be nearby. 

Gordon skulks around and spies the mark Mr. Fox left. 

Bruce tells Strange that Thomas Wayne fought and died for what he thought was right, and he’s prepared to do the same. Hugo goes to put his hand on Bruce’s shoulder, and he shrugs it off. Strange speaks into an intercom on his desk and says, “Take them.” Security quickly round up Lucius and Gordon. Two orderlies burst into Strange’s office and grab Bruce. 

It turns out Strange does have a sentimental side. He tells Beatrice how much Bruce reminds him of Thomas, who he genuinely misses, ironic as it might seem. Beatrice only sees Bruce as a threat. Somebody will come looking for him, so Strange needs to act fast.

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The Secret Council

The face of a woman disguised by a silver mask appears on the video monitors in Strange’s office. She’s one of the Professor’s mysterious and nefarious employers. She accuses him of losing sight of his mission, sending armed freaks out into the streets of Gotham. She tells Strange he’s failed at his core objective: achieving immortality. This can only be achieved when one returns with their mind and memories intact. That’s when Strange pulls the Fish Mooney card. 

She questions if Strange can repeat the process, and he answers that if given enough time, he believes so. The woman orders Strange to find out what Bruce and his companions know and to move all his operations to a facility upstate. He’s also to destroy his lab, Indian Hill. 

Fire Goddess Seeks Servant

Selina is a resourceful girl, and while Bridgit lay unconscious, she uses Firefly’s torch to try and burn through the walls. Unfortunately, getting out isn’t going to be that easy. Bridgit wakes up, eager to continue their fight, but Selina is armed. Selina reminds her friend about their time together and about the pigeons she so lovingly looked after. Bridgit does recall frying her brothers, which isn’t the memory Selina was hoping to reignite. She also is too damaged by Strange to remember her friend. Selina is forced to set Bridgit ablaze, but her new superpowers make Bridgit flame retardant. 

Selina tries a different tactic. She decides to let Firefly believe she’s bought into her story. Selina points out that as a goddess, Bridgit needs a servant. Selina says Strange left that tidbit out of the story. The idea of a servant appeals to Bridgit, so she spares Selina. 

Have Fun Storming the Asylum

Alfred goes to see acting GCPD Captain Bullock. He alerts Bullock that Fox, Bruce and Gordon went to Arkham and have failed to return. It’s time to storm the fortress. But Bullock has a better idea than an out-of-shape Irishman and a recently stabbed butler going commando. He sends some sort of GCPD SWAT team to do the job.

More Villains, More Problems

Things don’t look good for our three heroes at Arkham. Lucius is put in a cell with Bruce and they find themselves at Ed Nygma’s mercy. He’s been tasked with finding out what they know and who they’ve told it to. If they don’t talk, he will fill the cell with poisonous gas.  

Strange is dealing with Gordon personally. He introduces Gordon to one of his newest monsters: Basil, who is an actual chameleon. Basil takes on the visage and voice of the real Jim Gordon. This cannot be good. 

Fish Mooney didn’t exactly come back like her old self. She has the ability to bend others to her will with a touch of her hand. 

How will our heroes get out of this mess? Will Selina become a toasted marshmallow? Who comprises the “Secret Council”? Will Nygma ever stop being annoying?

The Gotham season 2 finale airs Monday, May 23 at 8pm on FOX.

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