Bad got worse and hope was crushed on The 100 Season 3 Episode 13 titled, “Join or Die.” Kane and Pike arrived in Polis to a street filled with the blood of those who refused to take the key and join the City of Light. Their journey took a torturous turn when Indra unleashed her revenge on Pike and Kane rebuffed Jaha’s demands. Elsewhere, the Adventure Squad finally found Luna, but their hope was dashed when she turned down the flame.

Check out the best lines and exchanges from “Join or Die,” which includes some great ones from the flashbacks to the two weeks before the 100 were sent down to Earth.

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Pike: “I thought you were crazy. Now I know you are.”
Jaha: “This is unity, like you always wanted.”

Jaha: “Join us, Charles, please. There’s no more need for fighting.”
Pike: “We both know that there’s no way in hell I’m taking that thing.”

“Think of it this way. You finally get to teach earth skills to kids who might actually use them.”
– Abby to Pike

Pike: “Ms. Blake, how about you? The key to survival on Earth, what is it?”
Octavia: “Not dying?”

The 100 313_1.jpg“The key to surviving on the ground and on the Ark is to keep fighting at all cost against all odds. The minute you give up, you’re dead.”

Pike: “Am I boring you, Mr. Murphy?”
Murphy: “I’ll survive.”

Indra: “You should have killed me on the battlefield. I won’t make that same mistake. You killed 300 of my people. Now you’ll take 300 cuts by my hand.”
Pike: “Get on with it.”

Bellamy: “Come on, O. How long?”
Octavia: “I don’t know. I can’t even look at you. Because every time I do, I see Pike putting that gun to Lincoln’s head.   I hear the gunshot. I see him fall.”
Bellamy: “I didn’t kill Lincoln.”
Octavia: “No, but he is dead because of you.”
Bellamy: “I came to you. You didn’t take my help. If you had just trusted me, I–“

The 100_313_2.jpg“You’ve taken the chip.”
– Kane to Abby

“Let me guess. You came here to fix things, Wanheda the Peacemaker.”
– Bellamy to Clarke

Clarke: “The question is, will you forgive yourself?”
Bellamy: “Forgiveness is hard for us. I was so angry at you for leaving. I don’t want to feel that way anymore.”
Clarke: “You know, you’re not the only one trying to forgive yourself. Maybe we’ll get that someday… But we need each other, Bellamy. The only way we’re gonna pull this off is together.”

“This is graduation. Congratulations. Class dismissed.”
– Pike

The 100_313_3.jpgMurphy: “Do you want your revenge? Or do you want your people to live?”
Indra: “Both. I’ll get my revenge, just not today.”

“Go float yourself. Everything I learned, I learned on the ground.”
– Murphy to Pike

Kane: “Just shoot me. Shoot me.”
Pike: “If I shoot you, I won’t get the answer.”

Luna: “He should have told you that I left my concave swearing to never kill again.”
Clarke: “You don’t have to kill. To lead is your birthright. How you lead is your choice.”

Clarke: “This is the flame. It holds the spirits of the Commanders. Of Lexa. Will you take it and become the next Commander?”
Luna: “No.”

The 100_313_4.jpgThe 100 airs Thursdays at 9pm ET on the CW.

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