Here are the best and funniest quotes from Sam and Dean Winchester’s adventures in the 14th episode of Supernatural season 11. Also, check out my recap of this episode.

Official Synopsis from the CW: “Hoping to find a weapon powerful enough to defeat Amara (guest star Emily Swallow), Dean (Jensen Ackles) convinces “Castiel,” (Misha Collins) who is still Lucifer, to send him back in time to the last reported sighting of the Hand of God. Lucifer sees the potential in getting his hands on this weapon so goes along as Castiel and sends Dean to 1944 to the fated submarine mission that sunk the Hand of God. Meanwhile, continuing his charade with Sam (Jared Padalecki) while they wait for Dean‘s return, Lucifer plans his next move.”

#10 “A little early for Nazi trivia, especially without caffeine.”

-Dean to Sam

#9 “Who knew Men of Letters had European chapters. And letting women join way back in the ‘40s? I just never got the impression that they were so big on gender equality. It’s right there in the name.”

-Dean to Sam

#8 “You drank all the coffee, so what am I supposed to drink, water?”

-Dean to Sam about drinking beer at noon

#7 “I broke you, but I can still smell it. You’ve got that delectable little whiff of defiance.”

-Casifer to Crowley

#6 “So full-on, Raiders. That’s…OK.”

-Dean to Delphine about seeing the Ark of the Covenant

#5 “I don’t need you anymore. Dean’s the one with the link to Amara, why have I been trying to spare you? Maybe it’s because you’re like the girl who kept turning me down at the prom.”

-Casifer to Sam

#4 “This whole deep cover thing, it just wasn’t terribly well thought-out. Donning this Cas mask, this grim face of angelic constipation, it’s just, ugh.”

-Casifer to Sam and Dean

#3 “I thought you boys were insufferable as mortal enemies, but working with you? That’s the soul crusher.”

-Casifer to Sam and Dean

#2 “Who’d’ve thought the Hand of God would turn out to be a one-hitter?”

-Dean to Casifer

#1 “We hunt Lucifer, trap the bastard and save Cas.”

-Dean to Sam

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