The Bug-Eyed Bandit broke out of prison on Arrow Season 4 Episode 17, “Beacon of Hope,” in order to steal the technology that allowed Felicity to walk again. Overwatch may have left Team Arrow, but she wasn’t able to leave the chaos of that world behind.

Curtis stumbled into the Arrow Cave bunker and helped save the day. Check out the best lines and exchanges from “Beacon of Hope.”

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“Bees. I like bees.”
– Brie Larvan

Oliver: “Laurel, she’s not Voldemort. And I’m fine. That’s a good idea. You should tell Alex to talk to Felicity.”
Thea: “Mmmhmm.”
Oliver: “What?”
Thea: “Nothing. It’s just– It’s shocking that you know who Voldemort is.”
Oliver: “Well, I mean I’m not immune to pop culture. I read a few of the Harry Potter books.”
Diggle: “Really? I was going to bet Thea that you just saw the movies.”
Oliver: “There were movies?”

“Usually someone buys me dinner before we break out the cuffs.”
– Damien

“Don’t be embarrassed. Performance issues are common for men of your age.”
– Malcolm to Damien

Arrow_417_00001.jpg“OK. From now on, I’m buying flats. I mean, these assaults are weekly. It’s ridiculous. It’s just so not conducive to high fashion.”
– Donna

Curtis: “The Arrow Cave. Oh, my God.”
Oliver: “Actually, we call it the bunk– the bunker, but yeah.”

“Looks like we have ourselves a taller, more dude-like version of Felicity.”
– Diggle

“OK, actually, and this is hard to believe,we have a bigger problem. The bee is is replicating itself– inside Oliver!”
– Curtis

Donna: “What did that thing do to the Green Arrow?”
Felicity: “Stung him badly.”

Arrow_417_00002.pngThea: “He’ll be OK, and he’ll be back. So will the others.”
Donna: “How do you know? They just got their butts kicked by that–that– that bee man.”
Felicity: “This is why we leave the nicknames to Cisco.”
Thea: “Yeah.”
Donna: “What?”
Felicity: “Inside joke.”

“That. Was. Awesome.”
– Curtis after Laurel uses Canary Cry to save Oliver.

“I want the microchip specs or your friend re-lives my favorite scene from My Girl.”
– Brie Larvan

“I mean, look around you. Thea, we’re in a Die Hard movie with bees. Maybe I’m meant for great things, maybe I’m not, but whatever it is, it’s not this. I’m sorry. I’m not coming back.”
– Felicity

Curtis: “I’ve deciphered their upgrade protocol. Next time they adapt, I can upload a virus that will disperse into the entire hive.”
Lance: “Like what they did in Independence Day, right? What, I can’t watch movies, too?”

Arrow_417_00003.jpg“Team Arrow, which I am now a member of — pinch me– I need a few more minutes to hack this latest firewall.”
– Curtis

“Ha ha! Lay down, Bee-yotch.”
– Felicity

“He said you were his Ace-in-a-Hole. Heh heh. Is that what you’d like me to call you, or do you prefer Mr. Diggle?”
– Malcolm

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