Being Human returns soon to SyFy with our favorite vampire, ghost, and werewolf roommates. Things have gotten decidedly complicated in the lives of these supernatural roomies, and it’s doubtful things will get less messy in the new season. After all, life can be pretty tough when you’re a creature that bumps in the night.

BuddyTV was lucky enough to sit down with Sam Witwer (Aidan), Sam Huntington (Josh), and Meaghan Rath (Sally) at San Diego Comic Con 2013 to talk what’s next for their supernatural alter egos when Being Human returns on January 13 at 9pm. 

Sam Witwer on the New Vampire Crime Family 

Highlights from the interview: 

  • “When the show started I was really saddled with all of the life and death stuff and then Sammy and Meaghan were just idiots.” Witwer says as the show has evolved, Aidan has gotten to let loose a bit, be comedic and get into romantic entanglements. 
  • “I think Aidan as a character is always more interesting when he’s around human beings.”
  • The show is getting back into the vampire world. He’s always been split between the vampire world and spending time with humans, and Witwer says this season will settle that once and for all. 
  • There’s going to be a new vampire crime family and they’ll be going to Aidan for help. “He gives them little hints, which means he’s still a little bit invested in it.” 
  • For anyone wondering why Aidan hasn’t kill himself yet (“He knows every year he’s alive he’s going to kill between one and 25 people!”) the show offers a very interesting and very definitive answer. 
  • We’re going to see people the audience isn’t expecting to see. Sounds like there will be some flashbacks involving “certain actors” who might have died. 
  • Filed this question away for later: “Why don’t vampires ever become ghosts?” Witwer very specifically refused to answer. 

Meaghan Rath on a Powerful New Sally

Highlights from the interview: 

  • Sally has become powerful and so she’s going to try to harness that energy to get back. 
  • Will Sally become a little bit more evil? “Power always comes with a price doesn’t it?”
  • Since there’s no established ghost lore, the lack of rules is really freeing. Sally has gotten to do so many cool things and change so much over the seasons. 
  • Roommate etiquette tips for dealing with supernatural roommates: be careful because someone is always watching. When you room with supernatural creatures anything goes, so be prepared to get your house burned down. 
  • Zoe might be back and she’s still harboring a lot of resentment towards Sally. “I didn’t know that our friendship would last this long.”
  • She was really excited when her character got to change clothes. Now of course she’s back in her ghost outfit. “On any other show a clothes montage is not really a good thing, but on our show it was so appropriate and so touching.
  •  “I really like eating on camera. I like to touch things and get a little bit physical.”
  •  Rath would love to see more romance for Sally to show different sides of her personality. 

Sam Huntington on Josh’s Werewolf Return

Highlights from the interview: 

  • One of the reporters asks Huntington to move his water bottle by telling him he’s covering the brawn. “I do everything I can to try to cover myself up.” 
  • His beard isn’t a hiatus beard, it’s for the show. “Theoretically Josh has been stuck as a werewolf for quite some time.” 
  • He’s very excited about Josh being a werewolf again. He was starting to miss the wolf.
  • “I think Josh and Nora are a strong couple.” Huntington is in love with that relationship. Just like all relationships, Josh and Nora will have their peaks and valleys. 
  • Huntington says there’s new, interesting stuff to look forward to with Josh in season 4. 

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Being Human airs Mondays at 9pm on Syfy.

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Morgan Glennon

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV