Do you get cranky or emotional if you don’t eat enough? On Almost Human, Dorian definitely needs to be fully recharged or else he acts up. His low charge status did provide some comic relief in an otherwise serious and deadly episode, “Simon Says.”

Charging Priority Spat

Dorian hit Paul! I don’t usually advocate physical violence, but Paul deserved it. Plus, it was fun to see Dorian react in such a human way. He’s a robot with mood swings!

Should Dorian have priority over the MXs for charging? Probably. The real question is if every human has to have a synthetic with them, why aren’t there enough charging slots? The entire spat was a little contrived, yet well worth it.

Besides, Dorian should be happy that Paul didn’t demand coffee service from him. The MX was more than willing to take coffee orders and didn’t know any different.

The Banker

A banker got knocked out and woke up in his car with a bomb around his neck. He was commanded to go to the bank and transfer money to a drive or be killed. He went to a teller who complied with his demand, but also triggered an alarm.

Kennex and Dorian pursue him and when they stop him find the bomb on his neck. There wasn’t enough time to save him, so they put up a shield to contain the bomb blast.

The perpetrator live streamed the entire event and gained followers throughout the chase. When the banker was blown up the viewers weren’t outraged, instead they were thrilled by the show.


Kennex and Dorian were determined to find the bomber. They tracked the computer feed and messages that the banker received. They found an address and directions to push B-47. When they got to the location they found a juke box.

After pushing B-47, they were connected with the bomber. It was a game to him and he wanted to beat the police. He gave them the next victim and it became a race against the clock.

The Florist

The bomber was turned down by a florist on a dating site and he got his revenge by forcing her to complete their date. He put a bomb on her neck and had to go to the gazebo in a park where they would have had their date.

Again the entire situation was streamed live and even more people watched than before. Kennex and Dorian showed up and were able to disarm the bomb just in time. She was able to identify the bomber as Simon Lynch.

He targeted those that he felt wronged him. The banker denied him loan, the florist denied him a date, and the police department denied him the opportunity to complete the police academy.


When the florist was saved, Simon was even more upset with the police and set up Kennex. He trapped the cop and left him knocked out on a park bench with a bomb on his neck. To make it interesting, Simon left him tools to disarm the bomb.

Meanwhile, Simon watched from a clock tower with dead man’s switch. Kennex was going to die and all on a live stream. Kennex wasn’t going to give up though and tried to save himself even after he lost one of the tools.

Kennex’s synthetic leg and the raid haven’t been mentioned in a while, but Simon knew all about it and used Kennex’s shortcoming against him. That just made Kennex more determined.

Dorian’s power level was nearing zero, but he was willing to sacrifice himself to save his partner. Dorian climbed up the building and shocked Simon to prevent the bomber from killing Kennex.

At the same time, Kennex was able to stop the clock on the bomb. He was saved. Team work at its best!

Live Streamed Killings

An important undercurrent of the episode was that Simon live streamed his revenge and people loved it. When the florist was saved, viewers were actually disappointed. An accurate commentary about our society today and in the future.

The Almost Human¬†future may be a good place to live in general, but a dark side remains. There are still criminals and they have adapted technology to serve their purposes. And people continue to find joy in another’s misfortune, despair, and death.

Ro-Bromance Moments

  • Captain Energy!
  • Dorian wanted to move in with Kennex. Aww. That was pretty touching, though Kennex’s resistance to the idea also made sense. It’s his trophy room after all.
  • White Cheetah!
  • Kennex’s refusal to leave Dorian with the bomb. Four hands were better than two.
  • Dorian’s group hug after disarming the bomb was touching though it looked a bit painful.
  • Dorian “died” in order to save Kennex.
  • Kennex didn’t want Dorian to move in with him, but Dorian got a way out of the MX world. He’s moving in with Rudy. A new ro-bromance?

Almost Human airs Mondays at 8 pm ET on FOX.

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