Battlestar Galactica fans already mourning the final season of the prolific sci-fi series will be delighted to learn that the show will be receiving another season after all, in comic book format.   Dynamite Entertainment’s Battlestar Galactica Season Zero will be released this month.  The six issue comic will rewind to two years before the Cylon attack on Caprica and fill in some of the details leading up to the fateful war.

Aside from the comics, fans will soon have the Battlestar Galactica movie Razor to tide them over until the series returns in January.  Razor will tell two stories: first, the story of Lee (Apollo) Adama’s first mission as commander of the Pegasus, and second, the story of Admiral Cain and her conduct and misconduct in the wake of the Cylon attack.

Around the time of Battlestar Galactica: Razor’s release, Sci-Fi will be preparing the webisodes for release.  As with last seasons run, the webisodes will prep audiences for the events that await them in the fourth and final season of the Peabody award winning series.

Galactica fans are commiserating with Lost fans at the moment over the long wait between their third and fourth seasons, but Lost fans are at a bit of a disadvantage where filler material is concerned.  Battlestar Galactica fans have an entire line of both classic and new Battlestar Galactica titles to choose from at Dynamite, as well as several thick novels set in the universe of the new show available from Tor.

If just getting a glimpse of some of the Battlestar Galactica cast in action will help ease the hunger pangs, Bionic Woman will hit the airwaves next month featuring several Battlestar Galactica actors including, most prominently, Katee Sackhoff as the series’ main villain.

Of course, if you’re really hurting, and you’ve never indulged, there is always the original series.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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