Smallville fans who can hardly wait for the new season need look no further, we have checked in with the best source for Smallville spoilers and speculation and come back with a pretty good snapshot of what to expect in the short run when Smallville returns in September. has assembled a variety of spoilers related to the next season, and so far everything looks fantastic.  Here is a quick rundown of the first four episodes of Smallville’s seventh season.

Smallvile 7.01 – Bizarro – September 27, 2007

Picking up in the aftermath of the season six finale, we will be introduced to Kara very early on.  The notion being rumored now is that she was in hibernation at the Dam.  Somehow, she is going to wind up rescuing Lex, which is going to leave quite an impression on him.  The rumors floating around now seem to indicate that Kara will not connect with Clark until the second episode.

Smallville 7.02 – Kara – October 4, 2007

Where “Bizarro” sets up Kara’s introduction, “Kara” will delve deeper into her character and her purpose.  Lex will be dispatching some of his people to find the girl, while Kara herself will still be looking for Clark, who she assumes came out of suspended animation at the same time she did.   The first indications are dropped here, as well, that Lana may be alive and that Lex is hot on her tail.

Smallville 7.03 – Fierce – Fall

Not a lot of details have slipped out concerning this episode.  Clark takes Kara to the Harvest Festival and she winds up entering herself into a pageant.  It turns out three of her competitors are meteor folk with an evil alliance, and wind up framing Kara for the murder of another contestant.  Yipes.

Smallville 7.04 – Cure – Fall

This is the episode that will feature former Superman Dean Cain as the nefarious Dr. Knox, a Frankenstein type who has figured out how to cure Meteor Freaks, possibly.  Chloe becomes very interested in the doctors work.  Jimmy, meanwhile, begins to take a shine to newcomer Kara, much to Chloe’s chagrin.

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