With the recent leaking of a ‘Baltar in a resurrection tank’ picture, and the very public musings of Katee “Starkbuck” Sackhoff on the possibility of Kara being the major character death that has been predicted, Ron Moore and David Eicks decided, grudgingly, to address at least a few of the more troubling reports with the Chicago Tribune’s Watcher. Beware, spoilers begin after the link.

In essence, here are the learnings from the article:

– March 4 episode “Maelstrom” will feature a “profound” event involving Starbuck that “will be one of the most surprising things that’s happened in the history of the show so far.” Whatever it is that happens to Starbuck “will jump out and grab you.” According to Moore. And a major character will definitely be off the show after that episode. Recently, Sackhoff said on a radio interview that she had finished her work on the series early. It may seem like simple math, but until we see the episode there is no way to say for sure that she “dies”. I have a suspicion Starbuck will be back.

– The pic of Baltar waking in a resurrection tank with six at his side has been confirmed to be from a dream sequence. One thing that DOES happen, though, is that Baltar will return to Galactica to face trial for his crimes against the humans. As for his cylon status despite this, Eick and Moore are mum.

– The rumored direct-to-dvd BSG movie will not happen if there is not a fourth season.

– The season three cliff hangar, like the season two finale, takes the series in a new and extremely unexpected direction.

– Maelstorm is a flashback riddled episode that tells more about the background of Starbuck.

– Apollo will oppose President Roslin and Adama over the issues in Baltar’s trial.

– The proposed DVD movie does not take place in the ongoing time line, but is instead a ‘fill-in’ episode that goes back and shows the story behind a major event. A very popular character (probably Starbuck) would return for the movie.

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