TorrentfFreak is reporting that the first six episodes of 24 Season Six have made it into the world of illicit Torrents and are presently slithering into the hands of pirates around the world. In the grand scheme of things, the damage isn’t so great, the six episodes account for the next four weeks of 24 Season Six which begins January 15th & 16th with four back to back episodes.

Of course, television shows making their way to the torrents ahead of their scheduled release isn’t such a new phenomenon. Over the summer the pilots for such shows as Heroes, Studio 60, Traveler, Shark, The Nine, and many others mysteriously found themselves available for download on any computer with an internet connection. The studios were so lax in feigning shock it almost seemed like they meant for it to happen.

No official word from FOX on the release, which reportedly originated in Asia, but nothing they could say at this point would stop rabid 24 fans with the most fragile of ethics from booting their Torrent search engine of choice and getting in on a little early Jack Bauer action.