With a wedding on the back burner, Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe is making way for more opportunities in her life including hosting gigs, product endorsements and lots of traveling. The Canadian dance instructor is even considering a change of career.

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“I’ve gotten into singing out in Nashville,” Bristowe told ET Canada, adding that she’s working with a voice coach and a songwriter. “I absolutely love singing and I’m gonna go for it!” 

A possible singing career is just one of Bristowe’s many positive distractions she wants to focus on while she tries to put all the negativity behind her. As the star of The Bachelorette season 11, she endured a lot of criticisms especially after she got intimate with two contestants.  

“It was aggressive,” she said. “Overnight you go on a TV show and you have the whole world judging you and you don’t understand how people can hate you for being who you are. It was just confusing and overwhelming.”

Bristowe ended up getting engaged to Shawn Booth on the reality dating series and though the couple claims that they are stronger than ever, life after The Bachelorette proved to be more challenging. Aside from the never ending rumors plaguing the relationship, JJ Lane, who also competed for Bristowe in season 10, accused the couple of having a “business relationship.”

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“Kaitlyn and Shawn’s relationship is a sham,” Lane told In Touch last month, adding that he’s not surprised they haven’t walked down the aisle yet. “They have a business relationship. Shawn is only sticking with her for the money.” 

According to Lane, who also joined the second season of Bachelor in Paradise in attempt to redeem his image, the split seems inevitable. 

“Shawn is such a jealous, insecure person,” Lane said. “There is no way that Kaitlyn is going to be able to live her life long-term with a guy like that.”

So what does Bristowe have to say about Lane’s accusations? 

“That’s classic JJ,” she said. “He’s unemployed so he needs to make a dollar and his way of doing that is to gossip to magazines and I hope he feels some shame.”

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Dean Bextor

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