Ben Higgins may have declared on The Women Tell All that he’s more in love than he’s ever been but his exes were ultimately the ones who took the spotlight on Monday’s Bachelor special. You can get all the juicy details in our recap but read on if you want the gist, as well as the best reactions from Bachelor Nation.

The Bachelor: The Women Tell All Recap: Are Caila, Olivia and Jubilee Over Ben?>>>

In a nutshell, Jubilee got called out for claiming to be the “real black girl” of the season while Leah was called out for throwing Lauren B under the bus and basically dug herself a deeper whole when she claimed she didn’t intentionally lie. Caila somewhat got the closure she was looking for, Olivia apologized for her Teen Mom comments but went after the twins for bullying her. Lace, on the other hand, confirmed that she’s heading to Bachelor in Paradise. Oh and there was a chicken too. Considering everything that went down, Bachelor Nation had plenty to say about the reunion show:

The Bachelor season 20 finale airs Monday at 8pm on ABC.

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