Last night on The Bachelorette, Emily made out with Sean, Jef and Arie but then denied them all a trip to her “fantasy suite,” spent a few hours crying and then sent Sean home without an explanation. That’s pretty much everything that happened, but if you’d like more details, may I suggest the recap? There’s a pretty good screenshot of Emily looking like she’s gonna puke with sadness.

Are you still here? Did you at least open the recap in a new tab? Great! Because there’s a lot to cover over here, too. Here we go.


The Fleiss Man Cometh: Bachelor(ette) creator Mike Fleiss has been going on an anti-Reality Steve Twitter tirade for the better part of a day now, with very overt claims that Steve, whom he calls a “parasite,” has violated the claims of their recent lawsuit settlement, which (in broad terms) directed Steve to never again initiate contact with anyone associated with The Bachelor to elicit spoilers. Steve claims he has “no idea what [Fleiss] is talking about.”

All of this has got me thinking:
Do you even LIKE that we post RS’s spoilers here? We try not to give them away in the headline, but we still link to/talk about them openly on this site. Is that something you’d like to see continue, or would you rather leave the spoilers on his site, read or not read them as you please, and leave us here at BuddyTV to the (much more fun) Bachelor speculation, mockery and drinking games? Vote/discuss at the bottom!

Emily’s Fantasy Suite Blog: It’s pretty standard stuff, but these lines stand out: “Everything about Sean made me want to be with him in the end. I wish I could pinpoint even one thing that would justify sending him home, but I still can’t. The hardest part was knowing he felt so confident and didn’t see it coming. He had no reason to, though, because I felt just as confident after our date. I still wonder if Sean and I had had more time, if things would’ve been different.”

The Men Tell All:
Well, this feels a little strange to discuss now, but Wetpaint posted some details (and photos!) about next week’s Men Tell All reunion special, which taped last weekend. Don’t worry, these spoilers aren’t exactly world-changing:

  • Emily Looks Smokin’: “She was wearing a bright pink dress and was in really good shape. […] She looked fantastic — and you could tell a lot of the men were still carrying torches for her,” their anonymous source says.”
  • Kalon Being Kalon: He attempted to apologize to Emily, but “you could tell he didn’t really mean it.” And so could Emily: “She basically said, ‘Thanks, but I think you’re full of s**t.”
  • Ryan Stands His Ground: A fellow contestant came after Ryan Bowers, but the rest of the guys had his back. “The contestant accused Ryan of only doing the show for himself. And Ryan answered something along the lines of, ‘Well, yeah. Of course I did it for myself. I went on it to find love and if I find it, I’m half of that couple.’ Most of the guys agreed with him.”
  • Sean and Emily Make Peace: “Sean and Emily had a very meaningful exchange,” the source says. “It wasn’t loud, angry or confrontational. It was honest and peaceful. … Emily told Sean that her feelings for him had been genuine, but she just had doubts about their future. […] He thanked her for her honesty, but told her that the woman who is going to end up as his wife will not have any question whether or not she’s the one for him.”
  • All For the Cameras: After the show, bygones were bygones between the boys. “At the end of the day, it didn’t seem like there was any ill will. It’s a TV show after all — and all the guys seemed to understand that.”


Sean at the Men Tell All:
The L.A. Times’ Amy Kaufman spoke to Sean at the MTA, and he looks and sounds great! Watch their interview to find out how Sean feels about The Bachelorette and Emily, and what he thinks Jef and Arie have in common.

Deleted Scene: Dessert! This deleted scene between Sean and Emily would be a whole lot cuter if it weren’t for the sequel that we did see during the episode: Deserted.

Men Tell All and Finale Preview: Revisit the preview that played at the end of this week’s episode, which shows almost nothing from the Men Tell All, but gives us our first glimpse at the finale. Will Emily weep her way to an engagement, or will she pull (this is ironic) a Womack?

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