It’s the second live double eviction on Big Brother 16. Last year at this time, Andy Herren and the Exterminators blindsided Amanda and then convinced McCrae to evict Elissa. A move that epic seems far less likely this season.

Instead, it looks like Nicole is headed out the door for a second time this season while Derrick and the boys are poised to take out Christine right after if she doesn’t win a competition. I really want to be excited for the double eviction, but since Derrick is saying on the live feeds that it’s STILL too early to make a big move, it’s not that easy to be optimistic.

More importantly, will this be the eighth unanimous vote of the season, setting an all-time record? Will Derrick make it into the Final 5 without ever being nominated, something that hasn’t happened since April Lewis in season 6? And will we have four men and one woman in the Final 5, just like last year?

BUT FIRST…this is Big Brother 16!

Julie Chen promises us an “action-packed ride” to the finale in 20 days. I’ll believe it when I see it. And there’s also a “game-changing twist” that will be revealed. Isn’t it kind of late for that? We learn that, on Sunday, Jeff and Jordan will come into the house as well.

Planning for the DE

Since Caleb announced in his speech that Victoria is the pawn and Nicole is everyone’s main target, there’s no actual campaigning to do. Nicole is just waiting to be evicted when everyone else plans for dinner. She complains to Victoria that these wimps refuse to make big moves.

The others start preparing for the double eviction they assume is coming. Caleb confesses to Frankie that he considered backdooring him in case someone else would tell him first. Caleb throws Cody under the bus as the mastermind of the “Backdoor Frankie” plan.

Frankie then talks to Derrick about the plan, boasting that he “knows everything.” Derrick blames Caleb for the plan and dismisses it as nothing serious. Frankie believes it was. Derrick claims that he’ll keep Frankie because of Team America due to the backlash they assume they got for evicting Donny. Frankie is annoyed that Derrick isn’t telling him the truth.

Derrick proceeds to tell Cody all about what just happened. Cody immediately says that Caleb is an idiot who plays the game like an “ass clown.” Derrick wants Christine to be a target before Frankie, but Cody feels opposite.

The First Vote

Nicole thanks Victoria for being a friend and tells them all to stop playing “Big Baby” and start making big moves. Victoria says a whole bunch of nothing about wanting to play the game.

Christine votes to evict…Nicole
Derrick votes to evict…Nicole
Frankie votes to evict…Nicole
Cody the Dinosaur votes to evict…Nicole

Nicole is evicted 4-0!

Wow, another unanimous vote. What a shocker. That’s eight, an all-time record. Julie asks Nicole about Hayden and she reveals that they like each other now.

The HoH Competition

It’s a quiz with statements by evicted HGs, each with a missing word. They must guess whether the word Julie says is True or False. If you get it wrong, you’re eliminated.

Round 1: Derrick is the only one who gets it right.

Derrick is the new HoH!

Are you kidding me? One freaking question and that’s it? This is Derrick’s third HoH and it means he will become the first person since season 6 to reach the Final 5 without ever being nominated. Christine is definitely going up, but will he actually put up Victoria as a pawn?

We overhear Derrick telling Victoria that she IS going up as a pawn with Christine. If Christine wins the PoV, Frankie is getting backdoored. Obviously Victoria winning PoV isn’t even being considered as a realistic possibility. So now even the DE is boring and predictable.

Derrick nominates Christine and Victoria!

He puts all of the blame on the house because it’s what everyone told him to do. Come on, we’re STILL using that lame excuse?

The Power of Veto Competition

The competition involves three maze circles and the HGs must navigate a ball through all three levels.

Frankie is the first to the second maze, followed by Christine, Caleb, Cody, Victoria and then Derrick.

Frankie is also first to the third and final maze. Caleb and Christine barely start the third maze before Frankie gets it.

Frankie wins the Power of Veto!

Frankie is now only the 15th person ever to win two HoHs and two PoVs in a single season. As always,

Christine seems to know Frankie isn’t going to use it and she’s going to be evicted. Way to stay loyal to the Bomb Squad all season, you dummy! And this is why Caleb should’ve backdoored Frankie, because he’s probably just going to win his way to the finale at this point. Franie gloats about how he KNEW he was going to win it and then gloats about how he’ll win PoV next week AGAIN. It’s utterly disgusting how cocky and smug Derrick and Frankie are at this point. And Frankie hams it up about winning.

Frankie does NOT use the Power of Veto!

No real surprise. Goodbye, Christine. And have fun in the jury house with five people who hate you.

The only amusing part is how Julie Chen continues to read her script and pretend there’s any tension when she and us have all heard exactly what’s going to happen.

Team America

Team America is not dead, sadly. The options are:

-Convince everyone to fast for 24 hours while they secretly eat

-Convince everyone there’s a rodent in the house and keep everyone up to catch it

Why are we still doing this crap? Let’s vote for the first option, because there’s no way they could do that.

The Second Vote

Christine says that Tim is hot. She wants to stay because she’s a superfan and this is her dream. She didn’t seem to care when she crushed Nicole’s dream. Victoria says some more words.

Frankie votes to evict…Christine
Caleb votes to evict…Christine
Cody votes to evict…Christine

Christine evicted 3-0!

That makes nine unanimous votes. And not even her cuddle-buddy Cody voted for her. Congratulations, New Britney Haynes.

Christine doesn’t even hug anyone and she gets a lot of boos when she leaves. Frankie acts like evicting her was a good thing. Christine admits that she’s been expecting this for a while. Julie asks why she didn’t stick with Hayden and Nicole. Christine regrets it, saying that it was the wrong decision.

Julie is really rubbing it in that Christine played the loyal soldier and then got cut. Julie mentions Cody and the audience starts to boo and hiss. Wow, this is vicious.

The Twist

Julie reveals the big twist. There’s a button in the house and if anyone pushes it, then next week’s vote will be stopped, the nominees will both be safe and they’ll play the Final 5 all over again. In other words, NOTHING that happens this week matters at all.

The button is already there. Caleb really wants to press is, but Frankie tells him that he will kill Caleb if Caleb pushes it.

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Also, starting next week, Big Brother 16 airs Tuesday and Wednesday at 8pm since football starts on Thursday.

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