Bet you thought that things would settle down now that Elise is gone. Right?

Wrong! The drama was just getting started on this week’s special two-episode Bachelor in Paradise event.

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As usual, it was all coming from the ladies.

Let’s take a look at who can be crowned “The Most Unstable Lady in Paradise” as we rank the remaining ladies from least (0 Red Flags Waving) to most crazy (4 Red Flags Waving).

6. Sarah

Sarah has emerged as the voice of the reason in paradise. She is thoughtful, observant and doesn’t get caught up in other people’s drama.

When she cries, it’s only about her own insecurities and she does it in private. She even made the intelligent decision to send Dylan home even though she liked him … just so it would minimize tension between her and Elise.

Number of Red Flags Waving: 0

5. Jackie

To my surprise, Jackie has emerged as one of the most desired ladies in paradise. She has only been around for a few days and already has had interest from Marquel, Zack, Jesse and Kalon. (Must be the boob job.)

Still, Jackie has played it cool, going on a date with both Marquel and Jesse. This isn’t a girl who is going to settle down after knowing a guy for less than a week. Which brings us to Lacy.

Number of Red Flags Waving: 1

4. Lacy

Lacy caused a stir initially, because she was very “outgoing,” shall we say? Yet after the dust settled from the Marcus/Lacy/Robert love triangle, Lacy has stayed out of the limelight and in the safe clutches of Marcus.

So what if it’s not the healthiest idea to fall in love with a guy who is prime for a rebound relationship after being rejected by his “soul mate” on national TV? At least Lacy didn’t tell Marcus she loved him. Yet.

Number of Red Flags Waving: 1

3. Michelle

Could Michelle possibly cry more on the show? No? I didn’t think so.

I love Michelle (really, I do), but she needs to cool it with the waterworks and the meddling in Graham’s affairs.

A girl who is a guy’s “best friend” is NEVER going to win out over a girl that guy is dating. (Or pretending to date, out of fear of being stabbed by said girl in his sleep.)

Also, if Michelle was truly concerned about Graham, why not bring it up before the rose ceremony?

Number of Red Flags Waving: 2

2. Clare

Clare is another girl that I really do like on this show. But she has a tendency to be clingy and dramatic. Two things that guys don’t want and definitely raise a red flag or two.

Poor Clare was willing to date any guy on the show, just because she was so desperate to find love. She even gave Chris Bukowski a chance!

Her intensity regarding being exclusive plus the fight with AshLee almost sent Zack running for the hills. Thankfully, he realized that sometimes Clare’s just a little crazy. But she’s no AshLee!

Number of Red Flags Waving: 2

1. AshLee

Oh, AshLee. If only Elise had stuck around, she would have stolen this crown right out from under your camera-ready face.

There’s just so much to discuss here. I hope I can fit it all.

First of all, no one should be surprised by AshLee’s behavior here. She was clearly a lovesick Stage 4 clinger on Sean’s season of The Bachelor.

She arrived in paradise already knowing that Graham was her mark and if he wouldn’t have her … well, she’d probably die. Or at least leave paradise.

AshLee threw a fit when Clare tried to take Graham on a date. She talks about having Graham’s babies and settling down with him, like all the time. (Just a refresher– they have been in paradise together for probably less than two weeks.)

Finally, there are the claims that AshLee tries to be prim and proper on camera but acts totally different when she’s not being filmed. We saw an example of this when AshLee tried to secretly talk shit about Clare to Zack, only to freak out when she saw a camera on her.

Like every good sociopath, AshLee convinced herself that she did nothing wrong and made a sugary sweet, clearly insincere apology to Clare.

Number of Red Flags Waving: 4

Will Graham discover that AshLee is a manipulative psycho bitch and reject her rose?

Find out tonight when Bachelor in Paradise airs on a special night at 8pm on ABC.

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Lindsay Podolak

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