After The Bachelor Jason Mesnick admitted that his date with her remained to be his favorite so far, single mom and medical marketing representative Stephanie Hogan said that after she was eliminated from the show, she realized she rather be friends with Mesnick.

“I had my reservations,” Hogan, 34, says, “just because I felt Jason and I connected on emotional levels and mentally and with our children, but as far as passion of when you walk in the room and he just absolutely overwhelms you, do I think I did that for him?  No.”

The said date was a very memorable one-on-one where they celebrated Hogan’s daughter Sophia’s fourth birthday.

“I was just so overwhelmed that he would have brought my daughter there on her birthday because I had thought about her all day, and while I was in the limousine and they were taking me and I had no idea where I was going.  The date card had said “Will you come play with me?” and I thought “Okay, lets see. What can we be doing today?”  I had no idea it would be like bringing Sophia there.”

When her daughter Sophia came running down the beach, she said she just about fainted.  “My knees buckled and she came at me with all her force and just ran over me.”

Hogan furthermore clarified what she said about one of the contestants, 24-year-old flight attendant Naomi, not being on the same maturity level as she and Mesnick.

“I just seemed to think at that point that, and it’s not a bad thing on Naomi, I thought she was really a cute girl.  I was just thinking of Jason as far as having a child and what stage he was in.  I saw her maturity level as not as mature as some of the other girls. I can’t really get into anything else.”

– Glenn Paul Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Reality TV World
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Glenn Diaz

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