Barely a month before the CW debuts the reboot of Melrose Place, Ashlee Simpson said she’s all geared up for her role as Violet, but revealed that hubby Pete Wentz will not be making a cameo, to the obvious disappointment of Fall Out Boy fans.

“We have enough family in the business, so we’re good on that, I think we’ve got that covered,” she said. “My husband is a huge supporter. He’s seen the pilot and loved it and was excited for me.”

Simpson said Violet is new to Melrose Place and Los Angeles who is “looking for a family member – looking for any kind of family, looking for love,” adding that it’s “interesting” to play an outsider on the show.

“She is a little weird. I have a so-called innocent side, but I think it’s just the persona that I’m giving to people. I’m only setting people up. There’s a lot of jaw-droppers on the show that we obviously can’t give away but it does get crazy.”

She then revealed that she complained once that she wasn’t making out with anybody, until filming episode 6. She does not want to reveal, however, who the guy is.

The remake of Melrose Place‘s 2009 kick-off marks a decade after it ended its original seven-year run on Fox. Some things remain the same, but critics all say that the show was “sexed up” by the CW for today’s audiences.

“We were huge fans of the original but when we set out to do our version, we wanted to pay tribute to the old show but create our own show with our own characters,” executive producer Todd Slavkin tells Reuters.

Melrose Place premieres September 8 on the CW.

– Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Sources: Associated Press, Reuters
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