This week’s episode of True Blood settled the Fellowship of the Sun story arc, or at least it tried to.  Godric, the Gandhi of vampires, was front and center with his message of hope and change, and the relationships of three makers and their vampire offspring proved key.  Oh, and True Blood finally came up with something even more disgusting than Bill and Sookie’s dirt sex.

Godric and Eric
The key to this Maker-Makee relationship is obedience.  Eric will do anything for Godric, even sacrifice his own life.  Despite the fact that Eric isn’t completely on board Godric’s campaign for vampires to treat humans as equals, Eric does as he’s told and doesn’t murder Steve Newlin, though he really wanted to.

Mostly, I just want to see a lot more of these two.  With Godric looking like a young kid who practices passive resistance and Eric the giant blond sex god, they make an interesting pair, and they show the logical evolution of any Maker relationship.

Lorena and Bill
These two are the polar opposite of Godric and Eric, as Bill wants nothing to do with his Maker and does everything in his power to stop her, including smashing a plasma TV on her head.  Sadly, Lorena doesn’t get the message, and while I wanted Godric to snap her neck like a twig, it was nice to see that Sookie won’t let this wicked vampire come between her and Bill.

Bill and Jessica
This Maker relationship still has some kinks to be worked out, and things weren’t made any easier when Bill walked in on Jessica and Hoyt’s first sexual encounter.  However, there’s worse news for Jessica, because it turns out vampires heal everywhere, so after having sex the first time, she became, to use the term coined by Dean Winchester on Supernatural, rehymenated.  Awkward!

Hunter’s Souffle
Back in Bon Temps, True Blood finally outdid itself with the most disgusting scene ever.  After leaving Daphne’s body at Merlotte’s, heart cut out, Maryann returned to the house to chop up the heart and bake it into a souffle.  As if the sight of Maryann cutting into a bloody heart wasn’t awful enough, she then served the souffle to Tara and Eggs, who ate it up like it was the most delicious meal in the world.  Also, it turns out Shifter Hearts make you crazy, because after dinner, Tara and Eggs started beating the crap out of each other before having black-eyed sex in the hall.

The Lukenator II: Judgment Day
Finally, even though Godric successfully got most of the Fellowship of the Sun to realize that Steve Newlin is a crazy bigot, it turns out the church still has one die-hard follower in the Lukeantor.  At Godric’s “Welcome Home” party, Jason was on fire, talking to Eric and hugging Bill.  The only question is: where does Jason go from here?  Call me crazy, but I was picking up some vibes that maybe Godric is taking an interest in young Jason Stackhouse.

But the fun and games stopped when the Lukenator showed up with a special message for the vampires, namely a silver bomb strapped to his chest.

Now that’s what I call going out with a bang.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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