FX has just released several promotional photos for the sophomore season of Sons of Anarchy, which kicks off on Tuesday, September 8 at 10pm. Captured on stills are the main and secondary characters including Jax, Clay, Tara, Gemma, Opie, Tig, Juice, Bobby Elvis, Chibs, Prospect, Piney, Hale, Uncer, AJ Weston and Ethan Zobelle. Though you can’t tell based on the photos what’s in store for season 2, you can expect new episodes to bring internal tensions to an all-time high as new villains surface the town of Charming.

Wreaking trouble for season 2 are AJ Weston, played by Henry Rollins, a lieutenant of a white separatist organization The League of American Nationalists (LOAN), and
Ethan Zobelle, portrayed by Adam Arkin, a neo-Nazi and the owner of LOAN who is set to open a cigar shop on Main Street in an attempt to suck up to the community and force SAMCRO out.

“Henry will bring his intensity and muscularity to this complex part,” said Nick Grad, executive vice president of FX’s Original Programming Division.  “We look forward to seeing him inhabit this role.”

Besides Jax and the club dealing with the fallout from Donna’s death, Sons of Anarchy will take a few twists and turns in the first season 2 episode alone. According to E! Online, which acquired the stills first hand, the opener will be “deeply disturbing” toward the end that it “would probably turn any innocent bystander off the show forever and may even drive away a few fans.” Brutal, creepy but definitely something you’d expect from a brilliant show like Sons of Anarchy.

Meanwhile, Sons of Anarchy fans have something to celebrate now that series creator Kurt Sutter has revealed that he has more or less a seven-season plan in mind for the show —that’s assuming that the FX allows him to carry on that long.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Kris De Leon

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