Arrow Season 2 premieres on Wednesday, Oct. 9 on the CW. According to the latest batch of spoilers, the new season will bring possible romance for Oliver, a protege for the Dark Archer, and the appearance of new characters. Plus, the pirates. We can’t forget the pirates. 

Laurel and Oliver: What About the Kiss?

If you’ve seen the Arrow trailer that debuted at Comic-Con, chances are that you noticed the kiss between Oliver and Laurel. Does that mean that the two of them are a couple in Season 2? Don’t be so sure. The kiss apparently happens at Tommy’s grave site, which could mean that they were just seeking momentary comfort. 

“They are in love with each other and they will probably always be in love with each other and that has to influence every moment that these two characters share for the life of the series,” Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim told TV Guide. 

But there is still some good news for fans. “The relationship between Oliver and Felicity over the course of Season 2 will evolve and deepen,” Guggenheim teased.

New Characters to Come: Cynthia Addai-Robinson as Waller

Arrow Season 2 is promising to be bursting with new characters, such as Bary Allen/The Flash – who will get his own spin-off series. Plus there will Isabel Rochev (played by Summer Glau), the Bronze Tiger (played by Michael Jai White), and Sebastian Blood (played by Kevin Alejandro). TV Guide reports that fans can add another name to the list: Amanda Waller. 

Waller will be played by Spartacus alum Cynthia Addai-Robinson. On the show, Waller will work for a A.R.G.U.S – an agency with a mysterious agenda that also happens to have key information about the Arrow. In the comics, the character runs a group called the Suicide Squad. The Suicide Squad will be introduced on the show in the second season when Deadshot teams up with Bronze Tiger. 

Speaking of the Suicide Squad, Guggenheim talked to TV Guide and teased more about the first five episodes of the new season. Apparently Oliver’s actions in Season 1 have had consequences, such as the arrival of both heroes and villains into Starling City. Executive Producer Kreisberg also said that fans shouldn’t worry as help will be arriving in the form of one particular group. “We’ll be seeing more of A.R.G.U.S. this season,” he said. 


Yep, you read that right. According to TV Line, some reports are saying that Oliver’s flashbacks on the island are going to get more complicated in Season 2. Just when you thought the poor guy couldn’t face anything else, he’s apparently going to be dealing with pirates. 

Flash’s Arrival in Starling City

By now, everyone and their dog knows that Flash will be making his way onto Arrow Season 2, in preparation for his own spin-off. What exactly brings Flash (aka Central City PD CSI Barry Allen) to Oliver’s home turf? Why, an investigation of course. TV Line reports that Allen/Allen arrives in Starling City to investigate a series of brutal murders he believes may be connected to his mother’s murder – a murder that his father was convicted of committing. 

Speaking of Flash, Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg told EW’s Inside TV just how excited they were to bring the character to life on their show.  “He’s a great character who’s going to affect all of our characters’ lives,” Kreisberg said. The EP said that fans should for “friction” between Barry and Oliver. 

Color us intrigued. 

The Dark Archer’s Protege 

It looks like the Dark Archer, aka Malcolm Merlyn, is going to get his very own sidekick in Season 2. Well, sort of. TV Line reports that Awwal, the Dark Archer’s scimitar-wielding protege, will arrive in the season’s fifth episode, called “The Demon’s Head.” The title is the translation of Ra’s al Ghul (who was Batman’s mentor who then became his adversary). Could this mean that the Dark Archer’s protege will turn on him someday?

What do you think of all the latest Arrow Season 2 spoilers? Which storyline are you most excited to see when the show returns on Oct. 9?

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