In this episode of Arrow, we witnessed the aftermath of Roy’s decision to take the fall by declaring that Starling City had captured the wrong man. We were also introduced to a new villain, Deathbolt (played by Hellboy’s Doug Jones), who dismantled Ray and the ATOM suit with little effort, until Oliver stepped in before an unbelievable death rocked him to the core.
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Deathbolt Makes A Firey Intro

Getting right down to business, Arrow shows us what this week’s mad man villain can do with his eyes alone as he breaks into the Starling City Bank, leaving four dead. Oliver has enough going on, but he’s the Arrow so taking Deathbolt on too makes the list of his priorities.

With Roy in jail and Oliver at the center of attention, Olly, Felicity and Diggle go to their only option – Ray, who gives Olly a awkward high five at the agreement of their teaming. Things get even weirder when Felicity goes in for a kiss with Roy while Oliver is just a couple feet away. Seeing Olly and Ray together in this episode makes you realize just how different they are and just how well Brandon Routh plays goofy.Out on his first mission, Ray fails to get far with Deathbolt overpowering him within minutes.

Roy Is In Custody

Lance of course knows that Roy is Arsenal, prompting him to ask Oliver if he’s going to let Roy take the fall. It’s handy to have Laurel, a lawyer, on his side. Watching her go up against her father is bitter sweet, but after Detective Lance gets a warrant to search the storage area (aka, the liar), it’s hard not to be angry at him. Felicity is quick and already wiped all of the prints, except Roy’s which is a bit unbelievable.

The Pressure

With Ray’s failure and news that Roy has been attacked in jail, Oliver decides that he’s going to break Roy out. Diggle isn’t in agreement with this plan and a pushing match between the two ensue. Sure, Diggle and Olly have had their differences, but shoving was new. Things are really falling apart for the gang and when Felicity comes face to face with Deathbolt, things really heat up.

Like A Video Game

In order to save Felicity and stay safely out of the sight of the Starling Police, Oliver decides to have Ray suit up while he controls him like a Wii game, directing him with a headset and contoller. Ray almost gets himself killed before Oliver manages to step in and share some words of wisdom and encouragement. The scene was great to watch as Ray finally overpowered Deathbolt, leaving him in a crumpled up mess as he lay on the floor of the power plant. After saving Ray and Felicity’s life, Oliver had to listen to Felicity show her care and concern for Ray.

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The Arrow Is Dead

While all of this Deathbolt business is going down, Roy is still in jail and fending off criminals by the minute. Taken completely by surprise, we see Roy get knifed. The moment was here: What Stephen Amell had teased weeks ago was finally happening. Roy was gone, bleeding out n the floor of Iron Heights and not in a rain of gunfire being a hero. The scene was emotional and quick, until Roy appears in the lair. The whole scheme was prepped in advance by Diggle and Felicity. Oliver didn’t seem mad, but shocked. The plan to kill the Arrow was a success as Roy leaves to start a new life while Oliver is free and clear in the city’s eyes. The story line was clever, but Roy will be missed. It’s a sad day for fans who love the Roy/Thea relationship. The two didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye. One major death a season seems to be the Arrow way.

It’s Not Over

Things get worse when Ra’s Ja Ghul pays a visit to Thea. It looked as though he was there to send a message, maybe rattle Oliver’s sister just a little. That wasn’t the case. While Roy lives on, Thea couldn’t have made it out alive after Ra’s puts her tiny frame through a glass coffee table before stabbing her with his sword. With Roy leaving Starling City behind and Thea presumably dead (until next week?). Arrow fans are sure to be in disbelief. 

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