What’s a vigilante supposed to do when he’s needed in two places at once? He has to make a decision, but will he choose the right one? There’s a lot happening on Arrow these days and having more people aware of the Hood’s true identity only complicates Oliver’s life. In “Home Invasion,” an assassin sets out to kill and he won’t stop until all his victims are dead.

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Rasmus Problem

Starling City is a dangerous place to use the law to settle a dispute. Laurel uses the legal system to challenge powerful people who have done wrong in the city, but they don’t play by the same rules.

When Laurel takes on a case of a family that was swindled out of all of their savings by Edward Rasmus, the defendant doesn’t show up in court to prove his innocence. Instead, he sends an assassin to take out the entire family. 

When that is the norm in a city, it’s a wonder anyone would use the legal system. With people like Rasmus using force to maintain their power, it’s no wonder that Starling City needs a vigilante to protect the people. 

The assassin entered Laurel’s clients’ home and killed the mother and father, while their son, Taylor escaped. He found his way to the police station, but with no local family was going to be put into foster care until Laurel stepped up.

She agreed to take him under her care and brought him home with her and Tommy. The assassin ended up attacking them at her home too, but was prevented from killing anyone when Oliver showed up. 

The Hood then attacked Rasmus and forced him into confessing to all his crimes. While he was in prison, the assassin showed up posing has his attorney. Rasmus wanted him to leave the boy alone, but the killer refused. Instead, he used an air bubble to kill his employer and then went after Taylor again.

When Laurel’s home was compromised, Tommy suggested that instead of police protection, they all go to the Queen home. Tommy knew that Oliver would protect them, plus the mansion was a secure facility.

Only it wasn’t secure enough. The assassin entered the Queen home and took out two security guards before Oliver killed him with a fire poker. When the police arrived, Oliver credited someone else with the kill to preserve his image.

With Rasmus and the assassin both dead, Taylor was safe and reunited with family members.

Diggle Betrayed

While Oliver was forcing Rasmus into confessing his crimes, he was supposed to be helping Diggle bring down Deadshot. When the Hood failed to show up at the trap, government agents  died and Deadshot got away.

To make the situation even worse, Diggle went face-to-face with Deadshot. The killer could have taken Diggle’s life, but instead just knocked him out for another day. Diggle felt betrayed and let down by his friend and partner.

When Diggle found out the reason that Oliver ditched out on him, he didn’t understand and couldn’t forgive him. He couldn’t stay and help Oliver anymore and walked out on him.

Love Triangle Blows Up

Ever since Oliver has returned from the island, he has kept Laurel at a distance. He hasn’t made his feelings for her known and he’s been supportive of her relationship with Tommy. Despite that, Tommy and Laurel’s relationship has been doomed.

Even though Tommy loves Laurel, he decided to break up with her because of Oliver’s secret, which left her utterly confused. She thought rightfully that their relationship had been going well and that Tommy was a changed man.

What she doesn’t know is that Tommy sees heartbreak in his future. He ended it with Laurel, because he knows in his heart that if she knew that Oliver was the Hood, she would be with her former love in an instant.

When Oliver revealed his secret identity to his friend, he saved the life of Tommy’s father, but at great cost. Oliver’s relationship with his best friend has been forever damaged. Tommy’s lost his friend and now his lover too. His heartbreak was painful to watch.

With Tommy working for his father now, it’s only inevitable that he will follow in the Dark Archer’s path, right? I still hope that’s not true. Though, the more isolated Tommy becomes from those that truly care about him, the more likely he is to follow the wrong path.

Search for a Vigilante

After being saved by the Hood, Roy Harper can’t let it go. He feels a connection to the vigilante and is determined to find him again. Roy stole a police radio to help him in his quest, but was set up by Detective Lance to get it back.

Lance tried to dissuade Roy from pursuing the Hood by showing him the vigilante’s 26th victim. The detective was unsuccessful in his persuasion and Roy remained committed to tracking down the man who saved his life.

When Thea realized that Roy wouldn’t give it up, she agreed to help him. Roy believes his life is connected to the Hood’s and that his life will be given meaning once they meet. He doesn’t want to go back to his old life of crime, but wants something better.

On the Island

The flashback to the island wasn’t very informative at all. Shado worked with Oliver to teach him how to use the bow. He continued to struggle with it. While training, they kissed, but Oliver pushed her away because of his love for Laurel. Oliver said that he would reveal his true feelings if he ever got off the island, though that never happened. 

While taking a break from training, Yao Fei showed up at their camp. Shado was happy to see her father, until the enemies showed up. Fei had given up their location. 


Oliver has now been left alone with only Felicity by his side. Tommy quit the business and now it appears their friendship. And, Diggle felt so betrayed by Oliver that he has left too. How will Oliver continue without the support of those he cares about?

Will he finally give in and reveal his feelings for Laurel? That would only push Tommy further away, but at least he would find out if she still cares about him too.

And, with Roy and Thea on his trail, will he screw up such that they find him? Oliver could use assistance and Roy has the skills to help. Will he get a new sidekick? As much as I’d love to see Oliver and Roy work together, I’d much rather he patch things up with Diggle.

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