Following the shocking death of Thea and the exit of Roy, Arrow resumed with another explosive episode as Oliver made one of the biggest sacrifices of his life as he was forced to become the new leader of The League of Assassins. After three seasons we also witnessed the highly anticipated love scene between Felicity and Oliver and a surprising twist.

Thea and the Pit

It is Oliver who discovers Thea, hanging on for life and covered in blood in her living room following Ra’s attack. The scene was emotional and even made you feel for Malcolm when the two wait by her bedside in the hospital. Oliver doesn’t get much time to mourn after a doctor tells him they did their best. 

Smoke across the city alerts him. It’s Matseo, who tells him that he knows what he needs to do, join the league. He also reminds Oliver of the Lazarus Pit, his only way to save Thea. Olly is desperate and against the objections of Malcolm, Diggle and Felicity, is determined to save his sister. Felicity isn’t letting him go alone and so the gang plans a trip.

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A Return To Nanda Parbat

Before leaving to Nanda Parbat, the gang must figure out a way to get there with Thea. Felicity decides to ask Ray for a favor. Ray has realized, after seeing Oliver and Felicity saying goodbye to Roy, that she is still in love with him. Luckily, Ray is still willing to help by loaning them his jet. Does this mean it’s the end for Ray? Or will he still be sticking around?

While on their way to save Thea, Olly tells Felicity the truth about coming back to Starling City without anyone knowing. Oliver’s talk with Felicity about  trying to protect Thea in the past from drugs, and now in present day, was great to watch. Normally we see Oliver’s past in a series of flashbacks, but hearing him describe his prior days with a vulnerable look in his eyes made his situation all the more real. When they finally arrive, they are greeted by Ra’s and the league, who bow to Oliver as he carries Thea to the castle in a scene that looks straight out of an Indiana Jones movie.

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Side Effects

After we witness Thea being lowered into the magic waters, she seems to comes right back out, knocking Oliver over. She isn’t herself. Thea knows Malcolm as Dad, but doesn’t know who Olly is. She’s confused and looking for her Mom. Felcity is angry over the situation. She has guts, walking right up to Ra’s to tell him he is perverse and she will do what it takes to get Oliver back. Ra’s only words are about how life is cruel and short. But judging by Felicity’s face, she plans to take Ra’s advice to express her love to Oliver before their time is up. 

This time Felicity knows that she can’t change Oliver’s mind and instead of demanding that he find another way, she tells him that she is in love with him. Her admission kicks off one steamy love scene. (Wow! It’s hard not to love these two as a couple.) However, the excitement isn’t over yet. Felicity drugs Olly so that she can be the hero this time in what is sure to be one of the best twists of the season.

Diggle and Malcolm are wondering what Felicity’s game plan is. She knows Malcolm knows the castle’s escape routes. It looks like she is calling the shots. Matseo helps them and for a brief second, it looks like they are free. But after Thea gets upset and draws attention from the league, they are stopped. Oliver comes to and demands that they lower their arrows. It’s over, for now, as Oliver walks Malcolm, Diggle, Thea and Felicity to the perimeter to say goodbye. A lot of tears are sure to be shed in this episode.

Life Without Oliver

Malcolm wants to take care of Thea. He explains that Oliver has traded his life for hers, but Thea is back to normal and is filled with hate towards Malcolm. Meanwhile, a tearful Felicity seeks out Laurel for comfort. Watching these two connect has been great this season.

Back at the castle, Ra’s wants to know who the trader is, but Oliver won’t reveal who tipped them off with an escape route. Matseo admits his betrayal, but Ra’s spares his life so that he can stay alive to help Oliver with his transformation now that Oliver Queen is dead!

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