The most diehard of Arrow fans might recognize the title for this episode, “Honor Thy Fathers.” This is because it is only one letter off from the second episode of Arrow ever, “Honor Thy Father.” That’s right, Arrow season 5 is hearkening back to the early days of the show so much that they are now just stealing episode titles. “Honor Thy Fathers” is much more than its lazy title would suggest. The connection to the season 1 episode is also very much intentional as thanks to Chase, Oliver is once again forced to reconsider his father’s legacy and the mission he gave him.

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Another Queen Family Bombshell

Oliver walks into his office to find that Chase has delivered a little present, a dead body. After some investigating by Dinah, seriously why is she just a side character she can do everything, it turns out that the dead body is an old councilman and there is evidence Robert Queen was his murderer. Oliver refuses to believe that his father was killer. This is a bit ridiculous since Robert killed someone (and then himself) in the pilot to save Oliver’s life but whatever. It is eventually uncovered through some security footage that the evidence is true. Robert killed this councilman and then covered up the murder. 

The revelation that Robert was a killer, among all his other faults, isn’t that shocking but the news shakes Oliver. The fact that Thea finally returns in this episode Oliver brooding over father isn’t nearly as exhausting as it could have been. Thea balances out some of Oliver’s usual tropes of moodiness. Thea finding out that the man who raised was also a killer also ties in nicely to her subplot this season of wrestling with her morality. 

The main focus is, as always, on Oliver. Ollie has to come to terms again with his father’s mission of justice being built on lies and deception. This kind of behavior from Oliver is growing nearly as repetitive as everyone asking the question, “Has it occurred to you this is exactly what Chase wants you to do?” Stephen Amell is good enough that it doesn’t feel too annoying and Oliver is pulled out of his shame spiral by Felicity. While “Underneath” was mostly a filler episode focused on Olicity this Felicity pep talk proves it wasn’t completely meaningless. Felicity tells Oliver that her life and the lives of many others are better because Oliver decided to become the Green Arrow. This finally (and thankfully) convinces Oliver to take off the stupid mask that doesn’t fit his face and put back on the Green Arrow garb. 

Flashback Break

Though Arrow is rapidly approaching the end of the season most of the present day stuff doesn’t feel that urgent in setting up the finale. The flashback material, though, is all set up for things that will (hopefully) be capitalized on in the finale. Oliver goes back to Lian Yu with Anatoly and it is worked how Oliver will be “rescued” there as he was in the pilot. When Anatoly goes off to set this plan into motion Oliver is attacked by some unwelcome visitors. Somehow the very much alive Kovar and his goons have found Oliver on Lian Yu. Arrow has given me no reason to be excited for this showdown but I can’t help it. The prospect of Oliver fighting Ivan Drago on a remote island is so convoluted and silly it can’t help but be thrilling. 

Sins of the Fathers

Oliver puts his suit back just in time to take on what appears to be Chase’s endgame. Chase is working with Derek Sampson, a character who is seemingly only brought back because Stephen Amell is close friends with the actor Cody Rhodes. Using Sampson Chase is trying to finish his own father’s plan of creating a deadly chemical weapon but on much larger scale. It won’t just kill The Glades it will kill the entire city. 

Team Arrow rushes in to take on Sampson and Chase and the fight scenes that occur are spectacular. Netflix’s Marvel series have been praised (and occasionally mocked) for their hallway fight sequences. Arrow sees all that hype and delivers a brawl between Oliver and Prometheus in a stairwell that tops them all. It is tremendously entertaining and brutal. While this is going on a much less impressive, but still reasonably fun, fight scene is going on with Team Arrow and Sampson. Team Arrow neutralizes the dirty bomb while Oliver delivers a finishing blow on Chase.

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There is a break in Oliver and Chase’s fight and Oliver tells Adrian something he has recently learned about him. Chase’s father was not at all devoted to his son. Oliver informs Chase, and the audience since none of this was event at hinted at before now, that Chase’s father was planning on disowning him because he knew his son was deranged and unstable. This news breaks Chase and he surrenders at Oliver’s feet. Oliver doesn’t kill Chase but he does knock him out and lock him up at ARGUS. 

The twist comes completely out of left field and it is the height of anticlimax. Josh Segarra does a such good reacting to the news and being utterly broken by it that it almost doesn’t matter. It’s a weak way to take out a villain as strong as Prometheus but Segarra sells Chase’s instability and almost sympathetic shock. Luckily it appears that Chase is acting just as much as Segarra. When Oliver delivers a press conference announcing Chase’s imprisonment, the villain can be seen in his ARGUS cell creepily smiling. Prometheus always has a plan. Prometheus does almost have godlike levels of foresight now but any excuse to refute this lazy end to the villain is welcome.

But what do you think? Was getting locked up always a part of Chase’s plan? What do you think is his next step? Did he already know about being disowned or was it a shock? Are you happy that Oliver put back on the suit now?

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