Laurel may have brought Sara’s body back to life, but it’s not the Sara she loves. In Arrow Season 4 Episode 5, “Haunted,” Sara causes havoc in Star City, which draws the attention of the police and Team Arrow.

This “Haunted” preview includes mild spoilers about the episode, plus a video interview with Stephen Amell about Matt Ryan‘s appearance as Constantine.

Arrow Interview: Stephen Amell on ‘Slightly Incredulous’ Reaction to Oliver’s Run for Mayor 

The Lazarus Pit has changed Sara just like it changed Thea only on a much deeper level. When Oliver and the team finds out about Sara’s resurrection, they pull together to try to save her and prevent further harm to others.

The best part of the “Haunted,” may be that it brings Oliver and Laurel back together in a long-awaited personal way. They hash things out and actually exchange more than a few words. While they may not be romantically attached now, they have a connection and an ability to get through to each other in a way no one else can with either of them.

In order to save Sara, Oliver contacts an old friend, Constantine (Matt Ryan), to help Sara get her soul back. The guest appearance fits authentically into the story and Constantine’s appearance doesn’t feel forced or out of place at all.

From beginning to end, “Haunted” brings the family of Team Arrow closer together through Sara’s return, Oliver’s run for Mayor, and Lance’s relationship with Damien Darhk. As an added bonus, Felicity finds out more about what happened to Ray.

Check out what Stephen Amell has to say about Matt Ryan‘s appearance as Constantine.

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