Roy Harper may have lost his girl, but he’s getting a costume and a new name on Arrow Season 3. Colton Haynes spoke with reporters this summer about becoming Arsenal, the costume, whether there’s hope for Roy and Thea, Roy’s role on Team Arrow and relationship with Felicity, and something tragic that’s going to happen. 

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Colton Haynes Interview

Highlights from the interview:

  • “It’s the coolest thing.” on the Arsenal outfit.
  • The cure has worked on Roy, but they don’t know how long it will last. Roy is “volatile in that aspect.”
  • Roy taps into his emotions this season with Thea gone and deals with adapting to the team dynamic. 
  • Thea’s not gone forever. There will be a scene between Roy and Thea and he realizes that he messed by lying to her. Her family lied to her enough, he should have been honest. She will believe him and see he’s been hurting since she left.
  • Roy doesn’t know that he killed two cops. No one tells him. Eventually, he’ll find out and others will find out he’s a murderer.
  • It’s a team. There are no sidekicks. Roy’s still learning and having fun doing it.
  • There will be a “really cool relationship” between Roy and Felicity. It’s like Bridesmaids where they will continue to try and one up the other. We’ll see the lighter side of Roy.
  • Roy and Malcolm don’t face off in the first three episodes.
  • Laurel “plays a very pivotal part.” She’s not on Team Arrow, but she’s meddling. She uses her brains to uncover more secrets.
  • Team Arrow compiles a list of people to take out. When the season begins, most of the list has been handled. There will be more DC Universe characters showing up.
  • Arsenal has a lot weapons, including batons, knives, a ton ofarrows. He has a “massive arsenal of weapons.”
  • Sara returns and “something extremely terrible happens … it brings them together more than it tears them apart.”

Arrow Season 3 premieres Wednesday, October 8 at 8pm ET on CW.

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