The team doesn’t know much about Prometheus just yet, but after the events of Arrow‘s “Vigilante,” they can assume one thing: he knows Oliver’s the Green Arrow.

Here’s how Thea came to that conclusion and helped Lance with his drinking in “Vigilante.”

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Lance Resigned

When he showed up in Thea’s office, she asked if he was okay. “Not even close,” he told her, and when she asked if he fell off the wagon, he revealed, “To do that, I’d have to be on it.” He left her with an apology and his letter of resignation.

Lance Told Thea About His Blackouts

He figured she’d show up to talk him out of resigning, but she can’t. “What makes you think I even want to? You lied to us, Quentin. Repeatedly,” she argued. But that didn’t mean he’s not “like family” to them, and she was worried about him. He didn’t think he deserved her worry, he said, revealing he’d been blacking out from his drinking lately and he woke up with blood on his hands and the throwing star.

Lance Didn’t Think He Was the Throwing Star Killer, But He Considered Himself “Damaged Goods”

Thea had him go over what happened over and over. He woke up last week with his arm cut and the throwing star, and when he had a friend on the force run forensics, it was consistent with the killer and his victims. But while Lance didn’t know “what to think anymore,” he didn’t think he was the killer. “I don’t think even my drinking could turn me into a psychopath,” he told her.

However, he still lied about going to the meetings and drinking, he pointed out to her. “And now this psycho, whoever he is, he’s messing with me. He’s targeting me. I’m damaged goods, Thea. I shouldn’t be anywhere near close to you or the mayor of our city.”

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Thea Brought Lance to Rehab

When he protested it wasn’t the time with everything going on, she told him it was because everything was just an excuse keeping him from feeling what he needed to: his grief after losing Laurel. “It just hurts so much,” he admitted, thinking that his daughter would be ashamed of him. No, she’d be concerned, just like Thea was.

Even though he used to get shot at for a living, he was still scared of rehab, he shared. “We’re afraid of things we don’t know, especially when we’ve been living in pain this long,” she told him. “It’s hard to even accept the idea of being happy.” It’s something she’d learned after what she’d been through the past four years. The job of Deputy Mayor would be waiting for him when he got back, she assured him, and when he thanked her for everything, she said, “Thank me by getting better.” With that, she watched him walk into the building.

Thea Filled in Oliver, and They Realized Prometheus Knows He’s the Green Arrow

She told her brother about the throwing star and Lance’s drinking and how someone was trying to make it look like he was the killer. But why would someone target him? The only thing they could think of was that Prometheus knows he’s the Green Arrow.

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