Let’s face it, on many occasions, Oliver and Felicity have basically put every relationship you’ve ever been in to shame. These two have the whole “couple” thing down and we could all stand to learn a thing or two from them. For that matter, there are five pretty solid lessons that this couple on Arrow have taught us about relationships. Get ready to take some notes.

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1. Supporting Each Other Isn’t Always Easy

You may not always be completely certain your significant other is making the right choice. When this happens, being there for them can be difficult, but it’s still extremely important. When Oliver decided he was going to run for mayor, Felicity was incredibly encouraging. Despite her initial apprehension, she was there for him. Even in as trying circumstances as that, these two know that being there for each other is what matters most.

2. Finding Time for Romance Is Difficult

When Felicity was named CEO of Palmer Technologies, she couldn’t have been more excited. Despite Oliver being super busy as, well, a crime-fighting vigilante, he took the time to appreciate his girlfriend’s massive accomplishment. He came through for her with the cutest congratulatory fern and a home-packed lunch. Despite how busy this power-couple is, they still indulge in cutesy moments. This is how their love survives.

3. Sometimes You Have to Call Each Other’s BS Out

Neither Oliver nor Felicity have any problem keeping each other in check. Not only are these some of the most entertaining scenes, they’re really a great reminder of how important this can be in a relationship. As someone’s partner, you know better than anyone else (often more than your partner themself) if and when they need a reality check. In the middle of a bomb threat, Oliver was quick to let Felicity know she needed to stop getting distracted. Felicity was quick to let Oliver know he needed to get his head out of his ass.

4. Try to Always Give Your Partner the Benefit of the Doubt

Trust is huge in any relationship, romantic or otherwise. You need to be able to believe people you care about when they tell you something. If you can’t trust your significant other, how can you be with them? Oliver and Felicity have faced issues of doubt in each other over and over again in Arrow. Oliver has doubted Felicity’s mindset and focus, while Felicity has often doubted Oliver’s judgement and hasty actions. Acting on these feelings without first giving each other the benefit of the doubt will only lead to some serious trust issues, and ultimately create a big divide in the relationship.

5. It’s Important to Be Vulnerable Around Each Other

Communication is key in any relationship. A big part of that is letting your guard down and telling your partner how you feel. Letting your guard down isn’t easy for anyone, let alone a superhero. So if Oliver Queen was able to sit and have a conversation with his girlfriend about all of the ghosts from his (and Green Arrow’s) past, so can you. Oliver and Felicity proved that you have to be able to do this if you want to have a strong relationship.

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