Prometheus made a few moves in Arrow season 5 episode 6, leading to the discovery that his victims (or at least, anagrams of their names) could be traced back to the List and a few trust issues for the team. Meanwhile, Thea discovered Lance was drinking again (but that might not be his biggest problem right now) and Felicity decided to tell Detective Malone about her work with the Green Arrow.

Here are the significant moments related to Prometheus in “So It Begins.”

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Prometheus Left the Green Arrow a Message

Oliver and Diggle followed Church’s phone right into what they knew was Prometheus’ trap. And it was, to give him a message: “So It Begins” in flames.

Oliver, Felicity and Diggle were left wondering what begins, since Prometheus had already dropped bodies: the ACU cop who helped the Green Arrow and Church, who got between Prometheus and his real target.

Prometheus Killed Two More Seemingly Random Victims

Prometheus then broke into the apartment of and killed a divorced housewife, and when Oliver dropped by the crime scene in full Green Arrow gear, Adrian Chase received a call about another throwing star murder victim: a cab driver, killed pulling his taxi up for gas.

A Report of a Prometheus Sighting Created Panic

Just as Oliver knew that Susan reporting on the news about the “Throwing Star Killer” being responsible for four deaths would lead to a city-wide panic, a report of a sighting of the killer at an outdoor shopping mall led to just that. The team managed the scene, but it looked like Prometheus wasn’t even there.

Connecting Prometheus’ Victims Led to Oliver Having to Come Clean About His Past to the New Team

First, it was the fact that Oliver, Felicity and Diggle knew that Prometheus was out there and hadn’t told the others. Then, when the victimology algorithm led to the revelation that Prometheus was using his victims’ names as anagrams to spell out other names — specifically, names on the List — the recruits found out about his father’s notebook, that Oliver was the Hood and that the message that Prometheus seemed to be sending (that Oliver was the serial killer) was, in Evelyn’s words, “harsh but accurate.”  

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The Team Split up to Protect Prometheus’ Potential Targets, and Evelyn Needed Help When She Ran into the Serial Killer

Since they knew what Prometheus was up to with his victims, they were able to come up with a list of potential next targets. With six of them, the team had to split up and each watch one, and it was Evelyn, who had the most trouble accepting Oliver’s past given that he didn’t let her get her own revenge, who ran into Prometheus on a train.

During their fight, Evelyn managed to cut Prometheus’ arm, but the killer got the upper-hand until Oliver showed up. Prometheus fled, and since he’d set a bomb on the train, Oliver got his next target and Evelyn to safety using a parachute arrow.

Prometheus Was Connected to the SCPD

Felicity discovered that the throwing star she had stolen from Detective Malone was made up of melted-down arrows Oliver had used. Prometheus had to have access to SCPD lockup. He’s a member of the SCPD.

Lance Woke up in His Apartment and Found a Suspicious Cut and Weapon

As Thea confirmed earlier in the episode, Lance was drinking again, and he woke up on his couch to find a cut on his arm just like the one Evelyn gave Prometheus and a throwing star on his coffee table.

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