Official photos from the 19th episode of Arrow season 4, “Canary Cry,” airing Wednesday, April 27 at 8pm on the CW.

By John Kubicek

Thea in Tears

Oliver Comforts His Sister

Sad Felicity

Sad Diggle

Oliver and Quentin in Laurel’s Hospital Room

Sad Oliver

Quentin Says Goodbye to Laurel

A Father’s Grief

Sad Quentin

RIP Laurel Lance

The Funeral

Why Does the Tombstone Appear to Say William Clayton, aka Oliver’s Son?

Is this a mistake from an alternate possibility or a huge spoiler?

Felicity, Thea and Oliver at the Funeral

Diggle at the Funeral

Oliver’s Eulogy

Nyssa al Ghul at the Funeral

Laurel’s Parents, Quentin and Dinah

Green Arrow Wants Revenge

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