Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn were formidable partners and their nefarious plot resulted in a tragic death. Team Arrow lost more than the fight against their enemies. They said goodbye to one of their own on Arrow Season 4 Episode 18, “Eleven-Fifty-Nine.”

Check out the best lines and exchanges from a heartbreaking hour that ended at “Eleven-Fifty-Nine.”

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Diggle: “Why does that thing creep me out the way it does?”
Laurel: “Because it’s creepy.”

Oliver: “There’s something that I haven’t told you guys.”
Thea: “Shocker. Sorry.”
Oliver: “I’ve seen this idol before.”
Laurel: “What? Where?”
Oliver: “Lian Yu.”
Laurel: “You really love not talking about the place, don’t you?”

Reporter: “So no comment on the write-in results?”
Thea: “What write-in results?”
Reporter: “48% of the electorate wrote in your brother’s name on their ballots. That’s a historic showing for a candidate who pulled out of the race.”

Malcolm: “Hand over the idol and there won’t be any trouble.”
Thea: “There’s gonna be trouble then.”

Andy: “No, no, no, no! Hold on! It’s me, it’s me, it’s me! Are you always this quiet? Come on. We just saved the shipment, and you made it look easy.”
Oliver: “Because it was easy.”

Laurel: “You think Merlyn played Andy?”
Oliver: “What if Andy is playing us.”

Oliver: “You okay?”
Andy: “Swell.”
Malcolm: “A magician never reveals his secrets.”
Damien: “So what next? You gonna make a coin appear from behind my ear.”

“He risked everything. Everything for us. He took an arrow for you. He has my trust. Why doesn’t he have yours?”
– Diggle to Oliver

Laurel: “You’re a son of a bitch.”
Damien: “Regardless, it’s comforting to know that his heart is in the right place. A father would do anything to protect his daughter from the Darhk.”

“So what  Oliver, just because Felicity left you, I’m supposed to believe that all men are incapable of redemption? Not all men are like you, Oliver. Some us change, some of us grow, some of us evolve. You are stuck, man, stuck in your self-pity and your self-righteousness, and that’s why Felicity left you.”
– Diggle

Oliver: “You channeled your grief and became the Black Canary, but Sara’s not dead anymore. Maybe you owe it to yourself to pursue the path you were on.”
Laurel: “You’re serious?”
Oliver: “This city has enough heroes with masks on. With Ruve Darhk as mayor, it needs a hero without a mask. It needs Laurel Lance.”

“One last time.”
– Laurel

“I know you don’t trust me. I’m here to prove that you can.”
 – Andy

“You no longer have the drive to kill and it shows. You lost part of yourself when they cured you of that bloodlust, and that is why you will never beat me.”
– Malcolm to Thea

“Ms Lance, nine months ago, I made your daddy a promise. I told him what I would do if he betrayed me.  … Oh, yeah. I want you to give your father a message from me. I want you to tell him. I’m a man of my word.”
– Damien

“You warned me, and I didn’t listen. I’ll never be able to forgive myself.”
– Diggle to Oliver

Laurel: “I was gonna give up being the Black Canary, but I realized I didn’t know how I could because going out there and fighting alongside you guys, that’s what makes me feel alive inside. And I love you guys so much.”
Felicity: “We love you.”
Thea: “We love you.”
Diggle: “We love you.”

“I’m really glad that you found Felicity, and I hope you find your way back to her, and Ollie, I know that I’m not the love of your life, but you will always the love of mine.”
– Laurel

“Time of death 11:59.”

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8pm on the CW.

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