The Second Annual Fall Flarrow Crossover begins on tonight’s The Flash “Legends of Today” and concludes tomorrow night on Arrow “Legends of Yesterday” with the two teams working together to fight off the future Legends of Tomorrow villain, Vandal Savage.
What can you expect from the crossover?

Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin) calls it “crazier” than last year, while Grant Gustin (Barry) says, “It feels bigger. I feel like more people are a part of it this year from both sides and we’re tying in Legends, obviously, so it’s just bigger.”

Unlike last year’s crossover which had somewhat self-contained storylines, this year’s crossover carries over from one hour to the next and takes place in both cities. “If you put them back-to-back on one night, they would run like one two-hour episode of television,” Stephen Amell (Oliver) says.

“Most of The Flash episode takes place in Star City and most of the Arrow episode takes place in Central City,” Amell continues. “We have a common villain, which was not the case last year, and just in general, we’ve done an excellent job of weaving not just two shows, but three shows together.

Amell is proud of the two episodes, “I think these crossover episodes standing together will probably be, in my mind, the pinnacle achievement for both shows. I really think so.”

For more on the Flarrow crossover, watch Amell’s full interview answer below.

The Flash airs Tuesdays and Arrow airs Wednesday at 8pm ET on the CW.

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